What’s new in 2018?

With the Dog Lovers Show behind us, we are now settling back into daily life at the clinic and focusing on what we can bring to the pet community in 2018.

Our First Aid Kits are now available for purchase at the clinic, and we have a range of specially developed essential oil based products available for all kinds of conditions your pets may suffer from, including ear drops, a skin soothing ointment,  hot spot spray, toothpaste, and tick and bug repellents.

The most exciting thing we are working on now is our webinars, launching in 2018!  Hosted by Dr Renee, the first webinar series is titled ‘The Path to Wellness’  and will outline all of the practices pet owners can put in place to improve their pet’s health and keep them well long-term.  Focusing on a range of topics including diet, detox, minimising toxins and chemicals, correct exercise and equipment, emotional balance, and living a stress-free life, we are looking forward to sharing this knowledge with the global pet community in our continual quest to get pets well, and keep them that way!

Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

Itchy Skin Dog Daisey - After Sunset