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Can Dr Renee keep a straight face whilst her two dogs Shanti and Elsa wreak havoc on the film set?

Is Your Dog Stressed?  In this video Dr Renee discusses stress in dogs – why it occurs, how it manifests, and what you can do about it. Many pet behaviour ‘problems’ are underpinned by stress, and by reducing stress triggers, improving their resilience, meeting the dog’s needs, and restoring emotional balance, most problem behaviours will naturally resolve!

So WHY do we use Homeopathy? Isn’t homeopathy ‘mad’?  In this video Dr Henry explains that homeopathy is a gentle, yet powerful medicine that works to deeply stimulate an animal’s own healing powers. It will not act as an anti-inflammatory or as a germ killer, but will support the body to act in this capacity itself where it was previously unable.

Homeopathic remedies are derived from plant, animal, mineral and microbiological sources. There are around 3000 different remedies available for prescription by a homeopath. Determining the correct remedy and dosage is key, and so a homeopathic consultation takes much longer than a visit to a traditional vet. We ask questions covering a wide range of information about your pet’s health, medical history and temperament in order to get the prescription correct.

At The Natural Vets homeopathy is one of our primary treatment tools, and can be safely integrated with conventional veterinary medicine or other alternative treatment modalities. It is an integral component of our cancer treatment protocol, and every surgical patient we treat receives homeopathic remedies to assist with pain and recovery free of charge!

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Do you enjoy ‘walkies’? Or is the walking experience difficult, unpleasant or frustrating, for you or your dog? In this video, Dr Renee demonstrates a gentle walking technique that can be implemented by everyone. You will need to invest in a comfortable, well designed harness for your dog, such as the Haqihana harness, and a long (minimum 3m) leash. Watch the video for all our tips on making the walking experience gentle, pleasant and fun for everyone.

If you are inspired to change your walking experience with your dog, we are offering a FREE 3m ‘The Natural Vets’ leash with any Haqihana harness purchased from our clinic.

Dry vs Raw Pet Food – a pet food throwdown! In this video Dr Renee discusses some of the criteria you need to assess when choosing a pet food, the tricky methods employed when labelling pet food, and why we don’t stock any dry kibble diets at The Natural Vets. We stock a number of raw complete diets for pet dogs and cats, all carefully selected, and here we clarify the differences.

Dr Henry Stephenson walks through our Essential Natural Remedies First Aid Kit explaining all 24 items included in the kit and how to use them. If you have already purchased the kit, or you are interested in learning more about the kit, then this video is essential viewing. This is also a great resource for you to reference at a later date if and when you need to accurately treat your own animal at home.

Our First Aid Kit is an essential home care kit presented in a lovely timber box, and contains most of the medicines required to help you provide first aid for your animal. There are 15 different homeopathic medicines, all in convenient liquid form ready to give straight into the mouth or into food and drink. Medicines including RRA for injury, Belladonna for fever and pain, and Sarsparilla for bladder trouble. There is some Aconite and Rescue Remedy for fear and fright, and a special mix for diarrhoea. Included are a few important medicines to help with abscesses or bleeding or punctures or allergies. There is also some antiseptic with swabs and bandages for injuries, and soothing Calendula spray for lacerations, wounds and rashes. To help with poisonings we have included washing soda crystals to make your dog vomit, and some charcoal and slippery elm to soothe the gut lining and help expel any toxins.

The kit also contains a detailed instruction card so that you can match the symptoms with the included remedy and treat acute illnesses and injuries sustained at home until veterinary advice can be sought. If you would like more information about our First Aid Kit, or would like to purchase one for yourself, please visit our online store:

Dr Renee O’Duhring sits down for a Q&A session with Diana Scott from Frontier Pets to discuss your questions relating to Ethical Dog Food.  Frontier Pets produce a freeze-dried range of biologically appropriate food, based on either free-ranging, grass-fed beef or pork, and there is soon to be mutton and chicken added to their line also. The diet is biologically appropriate for dogs and suitable for all life stages, and has been formulated by a Holistic Vet.  They also produce a range of ethical treats.   To learn more about the Frontier Pets products that we offer here at The Natural Vets please click here.

Dr Viki demonstrates how a senior dog tune-up is done on her own dog Shadow, who is a rescued greyhound from Sydney.  Shadow is now 15 and is enjoying her golden age living a happy farm life but being a greyhound she only knows one speed, and that is FAST, so she does incur injuries from time to time.  Shadow responds best to hands-on work, which helps her to keep up speed and mobility. In the video you can see how much Shadow enjoys Dr Viki’s treatments, which are as gentle as possible to achieve stress-free but deeply effective results.  If you are looking for a Vet with a gentle bedside manner, whose priority is to help your pet live a comfortable and healthy life, book in to see Dr Viki at The Natural Vets today!

Dr Viki explains how a puppy check is done, including a thorough musculoskeletal check to identify any imbalances. If problems are identified and corrected early, pups are more likely to grow in a balanced and correct way, and so early intervention is important for long-term health. Getting puppies off to a great start is one of our passions here at The Natural Vets, so if you have a young dog under 12 months of age, (or a giant breed under 2 years), be sure to book in for a musculoskeletal check with Dr Viki soon!

Dr Henry demonstrates how he uses alternative therapies like acupuncture to support patients dealing with cancer. Acupuncture can be used to improve blood flow, mediate inflammation and relieve pain. You can see how relaxed Buster the Golden Retriever is during his treatment – he is obviously enjoying the benefits!

Dr Renee answers your #1 question: “What is a Natural Diet for Cats & Dogs?” With a simple dietary formula so you can easily and economically feed your pets a raw natural diet, and an explanation of why it is necessary to do so, this video is essential watching for all pet families.

The Natural Vets stock a wide range of unique ethically-produced pet foods, including: organic meaty bones sourced only from free-ranging animals, wild-prey equivalent food conveniently packaged in packets and cans, natural dog treats, essential supplements, ready-to-hydrate freeze dried biologically appropriate food, and frozen complete raw meals ready-to-serve for cats and dogs. Our dedicated Holistic Vets can discuss these options with you and assist you to tailor a natural diet that is both right for your pet and compatible with your lifestyle.

So what natural therapies are available here at The Natural Vets, why you would choose them, and what we are trying to achieve when treating your pet with integrative medicine? In this video Dr Henry answers your questions and discusses how to treat animals with natural therapies including homeopathy, herbs and acupuncture.

Dr Renee lets us sit in on a dental procedure and discusses how to implement a dental plan to ensure the ongoing health of your pet’s teeth.  Follow Sapote the Devon Rex’s dental hygiene journey from plaque-affected mouth to shiny healthy teeth!

The Totally Wild team visited The Natural Vets to film a segment on holistic treatments for dogs which aired on 6th September 2016.  The entire episode can be viewed by clicking on the image below, which will redirect you to the channel Ten website.  Dr Renee’s segment begins at 7 minutes and 19 seconds if you would like to skip ahead.

The Totally Wild team visited The Natural Vets a second time to film a segment on appropriate dog leads and harnesses which aired on 16th November 2016.  The entire episode can be viewed by clicking on the image below, which will redirect you to the channel Ten website.  Dr Renee’s segment begins at 16 minutes if you would like to skip ahead.

Dr Henry is a guest lecturer at the University of Queensland and speaks regularly to their Integrative Veterinary Medicine Special Interest Group.  The 8 part video of his presentation “How to achieve true cure” can be viewed below.

Dr Henry Youtube Presentation

How to achieve true cure – Part 1

How to achieve true cure – Part 2

How to achieve true cure – Part 3

How to achieve true cure – Part 4

How to achieve true cure – Part 5

How to achieve true cure – Part 6

How to achieve true cure – Part 7

How to achieve true cure – Part 8

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