At The Natural Vets, we offer a complete veterinary solution, integrating surgical intervention when required.

What can you expect when your pet comes to us for surgery?

  • Surgical patients are admitted early in the morning and receive a full health check.
  • Blood tests that check your pet’s internal health and organ function are required – this assures us that an anaesthetic will be as safe as possible.
  • A sedative is administered to calm and relax your pet.
  • Some procedures require a large amount of fur be clipped off.  Thankfully hair always grows back.
  • Your pet will be put on an intravenous drip, which maintains their blood pressure and makes for a safer anaesthetic and smoother recovery.
  • The Vet injects an anaesthetic drug which makes them sleepy, places their breathing tube, and we maintain them on gas anaesthetic while the surgery is taking place.
  • A Nurse monitors the entire anaesthetic and their recovery, watching things like heart rate, breathing rate, anaesthetic depth, temperature and blood pressure and charting their progress to be sure they are not in any pain.
  • Injectable pain relief drugs are administered as often as required.
  • Once the operation is complete, our veterinary surgeons usually close incisions with sutures under the skin, which reduces irritation during recovery – most of the time by doing this we can avoid the dreaded lampshade collars!
  • We administer intravenous vitamin C infusions post-operatively to support and speed your pet’s recovery.
  • Snuggles, blankets and heat packs are used to keep your pet cosy and warm, as well as supportive homeopathic remedies for anxiety, bleeding, and discomfort all free of charge.
  • Your pet recovers in their dedicated space with their attendant Nurse.  We reassure your pet throughout their stay with us so they feel relaxed and at ease in our care.
  • We discharge most of our surgical patients in the afternoons so we can monitor their pain levels throughout the day, and be sure they are feeling comfortable when discharged.
  • Be prepared for your pet to spend the whole day with us, and more critical patients may require an overnight transfer to our local critical care hospital.

Dr Ben Clarke - Advanced Veterinary Surgery - Sunshine Coast Orthopaedics - Resized

We understand that anaesthesia and surgery can be a scary time for both pets and their family, and so provide caring, compassionate care in a welcoming, healing environment to ensure you and your pet have the best experience possible.