Does your ageing pet need a tune-up? Senior pets respond beautifully to hands-on work, helping them maintain mobility and agility and be pain-free.

Dr Viki demonstrates how a tune-up involving muscle release and acupuncture is done. You can see how much Shadow enjoys Dr Viki’s treatments, which are as gentle as possible to achieve stress-free but deeply effective results.

Senior pets with problems such as incontinence, arthritis, cruciate ligament ruptures, back pain, muscle pain and weakness, and even appetite and behavioural changes, respond very well to hands-on healing methods.

Dr Catherine has a special interest in geriatric care. If your pet is suffering from injuries or pain, and has signs such as lameness, stiffness, reduced mobility, muscle weakness, disc problems, nerve damage, balance issues, arthritis, hip dysplasia, functional changes such as sudden reluctance to jump, injury, or require post-surgery rehabilitation, bodywork sessions and acupuncture will be of benefit.

Many pets may be suffering from some of these conditions silently, showing only subtle changes that can go unnoticed. Cats are particularly skilled at hiding pain.

Regular examinations with an attentive Veterinarian are essential for your pet’s complete health and well-being. Many things can be detected early before they become an entrenched problem that is more difficult to treat.

We recommend thorough health checks at least twice yearly for senior pets, alongside regular blood work to detect silent illnesses that may be brewing below the surface.