At The Natural Vets we can provide a comprehensive plan for setting your new puppy or kitten on the Path to Wellness.  Much of the advice you receive may be contrary to what you would be told in a conventional veterinary practice and that is because our Vets have undertaken years of additional training after completing their veterinary degrees, and specialise in offering holistic veterinary care.  One aspect of holistic veterinary medicine is seeking to ensure your pet is as healthy as they can be, for life, without the need for unnecessary medical interventions.

When you bring your new puppy or kitten to The Natural Vets you can expect the following:

  • Low-stress handling approach, meaning we take the time to talk with you and form a bond with your pet first before handling them and performing a physical examination.  We will often use treats to help your pet build positive associations with the clinic environment, and calming essential oils are diffused around the clinic.  We keep the examination as brief as possible whilst still being thorough to prevent your pet from becoming stressed on their first visit here.  Much information can be obtained with careful observation without having to stress your pet out by prolonged handling.
  • Natural dietary advice, and a detailed natural diet plan emailed after the consultation.  Feeding a natural diet is one of the most important steps you can take to set your pet up for a lifetime of wellness, and we recommend a natural, biologically appropriate diet for all pets.
  • Individualised vaccination protocol, with only the minimum recommended vaccines necessary to ensure a complete protective immune response.  We check protected status with blood antibody titre tests at regular intervals throughout your pet’s life.
  • Tailored parasite control recommendations based on your pet’s age, health status, environment and lifestyle.  Ticks, fleas, mites, intestinal worms and heartworm are all parasites that your pet may be at risk of contracting, and we can advise you on the best preventative options for your situation.  In some cases, natural alternatives are suitable and effective, in others a pharmaceutical preventative may be needed. Often regular testing is incorporated into a parasite control program so that we are only using drugs as required.
  • Discussion of the most appropriate age for desexing based on your pet’s breed, growth rate, other household & neighbouring pets, disease risks, and pros vs cons of desexing at different ages.

In this video Dr Viki explains how a puppy check is done, including a thorough musculoskeletal check to identify any imbalances. If problems are identified and corrected early, pups are more likely to grow in a balanced and correct way, and so early intervention is important for long-term health. Getting puppies off to a great start is one of our passions here at The Natural Vets, so if you have a young dog under 12 months of age, (or a giant breed under 2 years), be sure to book in for a musculoskeletal check with Dr Viki soon!

If you have welcomed a new puppy or kitten into your family and are looking to set them up for a lifetime of health and vitality, come and see us at The Natural Vets soon!  We look forward to meeting your furry bundle.