Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy is a unique service offered at The Natural Vets.

When can it help?

Clinical studies have proven that high-doses of vitamin C improve quality of life and prolong survival times in patients with terminal cancer.  Intravenous vitamin C therapy is a supportive therapy we offer to all of our cancer patients who will accept regular vet visits and intravenous cannula placement.

Intraveneous IV Vitamin C Therapy Cancer Dog

It can be useful for a number of critically ill patients, including snakebite patients, pets with tick paralysis, and patients with severe overwhelming infections. IV Vitamin C will also increase the clearance of anaesthetic drugs, and so our anaesthetic patients receive IV Vitamin C therapy post-operatively to improve recovery.  An added benefit in surgical patients is that high doses of IV vitamin C reduce pain and minimise the amounts of drugs needed to manage post-operative pain in the immediate (24 hour) post-op period.

Why not just give Vitamin C orally?

If you give high doses of vitamin C orally, only small amounts are absorbed across the gut and land in the bloodstream.  If we give it straight into the vein we can get blood concentrations at least 25x higher.

It is these high concentrations achieved with intravenous administration that enable the vitamin C to be toxic to some cancer cells, but not to normal healthy cells when tested in a laboratory.

Does the science support it?

scientific review conducted more than a decade ago studied advanced cancers where patients had unexpectedly long survival times after receiving high-dose intravenous vitamin C therapy.  There are other studies available on PubMed supporting its other benefits including for post-operative pain management.

The process

It is generally well tolerated, with few side effects when administered correctly.

Administration requires placement of an IV cannula and drip line, usually into a fore or hind leg vein, and slow administration of the heavily diluted Vitamin C + saline infusion over a 30 minute or longer period.  Your pet will need to remain relatively quiet and contained for this timeframe. We recommend either staying with your pet or leaving them with us in the hospital for the duration of the treamtent.  They usually needs to pee afterwards, and may be a little sleepy that night.

Treatments in cancer cases are usually administered weekly for 4 weeks, then fortnightly, then monthly.  The frequency of visits are modified based your pet’s acceptance of the treatment and whether they are responding positively.


If your pet has cancer, is about to undergo a major surgical or dental procedure, is critically ill, or is being treated for snakebite, tick paralysis, or infectious disease, talk to us about whether IV Vitamin C therapy would be of benefit.

Intraveneous IV Vitamin C Therapy Cancer Dog Drip