Treating your pet with Homeopathy

WHY do we use Homeopathy? Isn’t homeopathy ‘mad’?  In the video below Dr Henry explains that homeopathy is a gentle, yet powerful medicine that works to deeply stimulate an animal’s own healing powers. It stimulates the body to react to disease, and produce its own anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and germ-killing agents, restoring its balance.

Homeopathic remedies are derived from plant, animal, mineral and microbial sources. There are around 3000 different remedies available for prescription by a homeopath. Determining the correct remedy and potency is key, and so a homeopathic consultation takes much longer than a visit to a traditional vet. We ask questions covering a wide range of information about your pet’s health, medical history and temperament in order to get the prescription correct.

At The Natural Vets homeopathy is one of our primary treatment tools, and can be safely integrated with conventional veterinary medicine or other alternative treatment modalities. It is an integral component of our cancer treatment protocol, and every surgical patient we treat receives homeopathic remedies to assist with pain and recovery free of charge!

The origin of homeopathy
Homeopathy was originally developed by a German Physician, Samuel Hahnemann in the late 1700’s.  At that time the principle treatment for malaria was to use Cinchona bark. Hahnemann found that if this medicine were given to a healthy person it would cause symptoms resembling those of malaria.  He realised that the reason that the Cinchona was helping was because it causes a similar disease state to the disease malaria when taken in toxic doses.  This led to the theory of “like cures like”. It is basically an energy battle, with the aim being for the stronger energy (the medicine) to repel the weaker energy (the disease).

Treating your pet with Homeopathy

How does it work?
Homeopathy works on the deepest levels of the immune system. Sickness or disease will only begin in a system that is unhealthy in some regard. Bacteria or viruses are easily dealt with by a strong immune system. Homeopathic medicine can stimulate the immune system to return to health. It stimulates the system to produce its own anti-inflammatory or germ killer secret agents.  Homeopathic remedies are safe, working with the immune system towards complete health and cure.

Homeopathic prescriptions
There are around 3000 different remedies available for prescription by a homeopath. We use homeopathic software to get a symptom picture for every patient we treat. This helps us determine which remedies are required.

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In animals we mainly use remedies in liquid form. Sometimes these drops may need to be given as a single dose only, or they may be continued for weeks or months. Store the bottle away from strong light and heat, microwaves and electromagnetic radiation – these can all deplete or even neutralise the power of the medicine.

In this video Dr Henry discusses how to treat animals with natural therapies including homeopathy, herbs and acupuncture.

Giving the remedy
The homeopathic liquid has an alcohol base and this flavour may upset some animals. We prefer that the remedy is given straight into the mouth or onto the gums but be very careful to keep the dropper clean. Cats in particular will sometimes dribble after the drops are given. This can be avoided by putting the drops into some fresh water or even onto a treat if you are having difficulty.  Where pets require homeopathic remedies long-term we usually suggest just adding the drops to their food or water as this is less stressful for your pet (and yourself!).

What does a homeopathic visit involve?
Homeopathy involves treating the whole animal. We ask questions covering a wide range of information about your pet’s health, family history and nature. These questions may include questions about when and why a problem started, whether your pet feels heat or cold, what foods are preferred, whether your pet is soft natured or angry and so on.

Please don’t wash your pet before a visit, or clean their ears, as we need to examine them in their natural state.

What can you expect?
We will prescribe a specific remedy to match your animal’s condition. If we are accurate in this, things will begin to change. These changes may continue for many months after a treatment is given, as the body is finally able to repair itself correctly.

At times after the remedy is given an animal will feel “out of sorts”. This is the repair process kick starting and we then expect an improvement in energy levels and wellbeing to follow.

With acute diseases that have been present for only a short time healing can be very rapid.  With a chronic disease that has been present for a longer time cure will often take months or sometimes years.  Several different remedies may be needed one after another before your pet is cured. Be patient – it is much better to seek cure than to merely suppress disease for a short period using conventional methods.

If there has been no change in your pets health after 3 weeks please contact us as a new remedy or a change of strength may be required.  If things are changing and improving we may not need to see your pet again until improvement stops.

Homeopathic remedies are so dilute, do they really work?
Homeopathy, when prescribed accurately, is one of the most effective and powerful treatment tools we have experienced.  Dr Henry has been practicing homeopathy for many decades, and Dr Renee for nearly 2 decades now, and between them they have seen consistently astonishing results, often using homeopathy exclusively.  We may never understand how everything works in this world, but certainly results speak loudly and clearly.

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