Dr Viki - Old Dog Wellness Chiropractic Check - ResizedWe are fortunate to have Dr Viki Dioszegi, who has worked alongside Dr Rowan Kilmartin in Animal Options vet practice (which is now ‘Love That Pet’ Gold Coast North) learning the art of chiropractic care and hands-on healing for pets, working with us here at The Natural Vets.

Dr Viki is very skilled with her hands and can help any animal experiencing pain or musculoskeletal issues with her chiropractic, osteopathic, acupuncture and body release techniques.  Dr Viki is passionate about ensuring the best outcome for pets and can discuss what rehab options are best for your pet.

If your pet is suffering from injuries or pain, and has signs such as lameness, stiffness, reduced mobility, muscle weakness, disc problems, balance issues, arthritis, hip dysplasia, functional changes such as sudden reluctance to jump, injury, or require post-surgery rehabilitation, Dr Viki will be able to help.

Other problems that may respond to chiropractic treatments include bladder problems such as incontinence and nerve damage.

Many pets may be suffering from some of these conditions silently, showing only subtle changes that can go unnoticed.  Regular examinations with an attentive Veterinarian are essential for your pet’s complete health and well-being, as many things can be detected early before they become an entrenched problem that is more difficult to treat.

Chiropratic Care for Dogs Sunshine Coast

In this video Dr Viki explains how a puppy check is done, including a thorough musculoskeletal check to identify any imbalances. If problems are identified and corrected early, pups are more likely to grow in a balanced and correct way, and so early intervention is important for long-term health. Getting puppies off to a great start is one of our passions here at The Natural Vets, so if you have a young dog under 12 months of age, (or a giant breed under 2 years), be sure to book in for a musculoskeletal check with Dr Viki soon!