Why seek Cancer Treatment at The Natural Vets?

You have been delivered the dreaded ‘C’ word by your pet’s treating Vet.  This can be a scary time for pet families.  You may be feeling unsure about the road ahead, and wanting your pet to experience the best quality of life they can, and stick around for a long while yet!

If you are seeking the best quality of life for your pet when facing a cancer diagnosis, you have come to the right place!  We can provide stand-alone treatments for cancer therapy, or supportive treatments that can be safely integrated into any chemotherapy protocol working alongside your pet’s Oncologist.  Either option will ensure your pet is fully supported to live a fulfilling and happy life.

CASE STUDY – Long Term Cancer Survivor Chad

What can you expect from cancer treatments at The Natural Vets?

We utilise a number of treatment modalities in our cancer therapy, including:

  • Acupuncture – There are acupuncture points that are used to help with cancers and we may use these, or we may use points to help with appetite or breathing difficulty or gut upsets if those symptoms are showing.
  • Homeopathy – This powerful therapy is being used more and more around the world in animals and people to help the immune system heal. We often use two alternating homeopathic medicines and select those based on the type of cancer we are dealing with. Usually these are in the form of drops that can be put in the water or food.
  • Chinese or Western herbal therapies – The herbal formula would also be selected based on the particular variety of tumour and on the way the individual is reacting against the disease. For the same type of cancer we may use a different herb in a different dog.
  • Diet changes (‘clean’ foods) – often a keto diet plan is prescribed in the early days of treating cancer. Bare minimum change required is to get your pet off all processed foods, and feed organic foods where you can.
  • Supportive nutrient therapy (including intravenous Vitamin C infusions) – These will vary depending or what we need to strengthen, but may include regular intravenous Vitamin C infusions, or medicinal mushroom powders that can be added to your pet’s food.
  • Essential oils – Frankincense and Copaiba are two oils that are often incorporated into cancer protocols.
  • CBD oil – This oil is administered orally and is showing promising results with many types of cancers, and can also be used to mediate any pain if present.
  • Eliminating toxins – Reducing the chemical burden for your pet is necessary when fighting a cancer battle.
  • Surgery where necessary.

If you search PubMed for the uses of Chai Hu (Chinese herb also known as Bupleurum) in cancer therapy, or Frankincense essential oil, you may be surprised to find that at the biochemical level, these medicines we use can suppress and slow cancer growth!  In some cases, we can even bring about a cure.

How is this different to conventional veterinary cancer treatment?

Conventional medicine treats cancers mainly by using surgery, to remove cancerous tissue, and by chemotherapy to try to poison the cells that are growing incorrectly.  Neither of these treatment methods actually address WHY the body has allowed cancerous cells to grow.  Neither of these methods will STRENGTHEN the body so it can remove the diseased tissue itself and prevent the problem returning.

Cancerous growths appear at the END of a long process of becoming unwell, and the body eventually produces a tumour in an ATTEMPT TO SAVE ITSELF. This is similar to every other DIS-EASE that our animals make. For example, if poisoned food is eaten, the body produces diarrhoea and vomiting to get that poison out quickly. If enough smoke is inhaled, we need to cough out mucus to remove it. If the body is able to, it will do the best that it can to move unhealthy things outwards away from important areas and if it cannot do that then it may wall them off into an abscess or tumour.

Sometimes the problem is all over and done with once the body has made a discrete tumour and so surgery is then very helpful and successful. The body is already TRYING to throw disease outwards and the surgery helps it with its removal.  However, if the CAUSE of the problem is ongoing, then that cause must be addressed to prevent recurrence.

At The Natural Vets, we treat cancer by removing any identified causes, and by ADDING STRENGTH with natural medicines to improve quality of life, always striving for cure.

In the below video Dr Henry explains how he is using acupuncture to treat this dog with cancer.

Common Causes of cancer in our animals include:

1. Processed dog and cat food

Food should be as fresh and raw as possible and be made from REAL ingredients. Always ask if this food could be eaten by your pet in the wild?

2. Sedentary and lazy lifestyle

Animals need regular outings and interactions as humans do. They also need activity to keep their bodies and minds toned and fit. They need fresh air and sunshine as we do.

3. Relationships or the loss of

Our animals come from wild stock originally and so are very used to having the whole pack or family always nearby with a strong alpha animal being in charge.  We very often find that an animal makes a cancerous growth after another animal or human in the home has left or died.  They are affected by these family changes even more than the humans, as they are often more confined and don’t get out as much.

4. Too many drugs

By this we mean medicines that are not adding strength into the system. Some drugs at some times are necessary for our animals to live in our artificial environment but we need to be selective. For example, if we kill the germs for a dog, is that dog stronger and healthier afterwards?  Or if we use an anti-inflammatory medicine to take away a pain somewhere does that add strength into the system?   There are alternative medicines that we can use that will help with pain while adding strength, and herbs we can use that will support the immune system to kill germs that are causing bother.

5. Too many vaccinations

At The Natural Vets we try to be sure that your pets are protected against contagious diseases, but yet we vaccinate as little as possible. We achieve this by collecting blood and testing their antibodies to be sure they are adequate for protection. About 95% of adult cats and dogs will pass the antibody tests and do not require booster vaccinations. We can also use nosodes made from the viruses if your animals need extra protection.

6. Genetic weakness

Some animals are just weak against cancer and we will find that the same type of cancer may have developed in this animal’s mother or grandfather etc. Rottweilers for instance can be very prone to getting osteosarcoma or bone cancer. Boxers can be prone to getting mast cell tumours which can be deadly.

Support and Care

Not all cancers can be cured, but many can be managed with the above therapies so that your pet’s vitality and well-being is supported.  Most cancer patients we treat survive for much longer than would be expected with conventional treatments, and their time spent living with cancer is more joyous and dignified.

If your pet has received a cancer diagnosis, call us today on (07) 5476 7674 so we can provide them (and you!) with appropriate support and care.

This video discusses Jett’s Natural Treatment for Bone Cancer

Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy

Here at The Natural Vets we offer Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy, which can be useful for a number of critical patients, including pets with cancer.  Early clinical studies showed that high-doses of vitamin C can improve symptoms and prolong life in patients with terminal cancer.

Intraveneous IV Vitamin C Therapy Cancer Dog

If you would like to learn more about IV Vitamin C Therapy please click here.