Are you enjoying life with your dog? Or are you experiencing challenges and difficulties?  A dog that barks at everything, jumps at every noise, cries every time you leave the house, pulls your shoulder out of joint when you go for a walk, or reacts when on lead, and generally makes life unpleasant for both of you.

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Dr Renee is known as our ‘Dog Whisperer’. With a special interest in behaviour,  and surprisingly simple insights into the psychology of dogs, she can support and assist you to develop a peaceful, easy relationship with your dog.
Having experienced life with a few ‘problem dogs’ herself, Dr Renee’s journey has been an experiential one, learning what works for dogs, and what definitely doesn’t.
If you are craving a happy life for you and your dog, don’t wait until there are ‘problem behaviours’.  Discover a greater understanding of your dog now so that you can set them up for a happy life, and they can relax and enjoy life as a dog.
To make an appointment with Dr Renee, or to learn more about her gentle, compassionate approach, call us on (07) 5476 7674.


We also work together with selected trainers to support you with home visits, training and support.

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We highly recommend Jenny Golsby’s courses in Brisbane with Complete Canine Communication for families with either adult dogs or puppies to get a deeper understanding of dog psychology, their needs, and how to meet them.

For training on the ground here on the Sunshine Coast, we recommend the following businesses:

Sunshine Coast Positive Paws

Faith Wild from Barkbusters

Becky from Ultimate K9 focusses on training during the puppy phase, and also offers nose-work classes from Inner Wolf in Maroochydoore which we highly recommend for fun, focussed stress-reduction for all dogs.