Fixing grotty mouths is a passion of ours here at The Natural Vets and we go above and beyond standard vet clinic practices to ensure optimal outcomes for your pet.

  • Our Vets and Vet Nurses have undertaken advanced dental training at the NVC Centre of Excellence.
  • We have dental radiography equipment so we can x-ray any trouble spots in your pet’s mouth.  This will show disease BELOW the gumline that may not be detectable without an x-ray.
  • We administer healing homeopathic and herbal remedies throughout the process, relieving stress, anxiety, bleeding and pain, and aiding comfort and recovery. This is provided for every dental patient free of charge.

If you are unsure whether your pet is in need of a dental procedure, it is highly likely they do – more than 80% of pet dogs and cats are suffering with some form of dental disease!  Book their free dental check with our Vet Nurses today!

More than 80% of pet cats and dogs are suffering with some form of dental disease causing significant pain and compromising their health.

We offer advanced dental solutions integrated with holistic care to return your pet’s smile to a happy, healthy and pain-free one.  Watch this video to learn more about this silent assassin.


Anaesthesia-free dentals have become popular in recent years, due to the reduced cost, and the perception that it is safer to have your pet’s teeth cleaned without also having your pet under anaesthesia.  We DO NOT advocate anaesthesia-free dentistry for pets. There is much involved in a dental procedure, and performing an effective dental on an awake patient who would need to be restrained for a long period of time while sharp things are poked into their mouth is highly stressful and potentially painful for your pet.

To effectively assess and treat all of your pet’s teeth, including the roots that lie below the gum line, your pet needs to be placed under a light general anaesthesia. This way, your pet remains free of stress, anxiety and pain throughout the procedure.  We perform a thorough pre-operative health assessment on every pet that undergoes an anaesthetic, and with careful drug selection, close monitoring and light anaesthesia plane, a dental procedure can be completed safely and effectively, even in very senior pets.  Our record is a 21 year old cat who recently had her teeth cleaned, and woke up immediately afterwards happy and well!

A dental procedure at The Natural Vets involves the following:

  • Comprehensive pre-anaesthetic health check, including recommended blood work
  • General anaesthesia with modern anaesthetic agents that are safe for even very senior pets
  • Careful and attentive pain management, including pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative pain relief and dental nerve blocks when required
  • Examination of all tooth surfaces and gums with dental probes, and a thorough dental chart recorded noting teeth of concern and treatment required
  • Dental radiographs of trouble spots to assess the health of the internal tooth tissues, tooth roots and surrounding periodontal tissues
  • Phone updates on your pet’s progress and to discuss any treatments required that may not have been expected
  • Ultrasonic scaling and polishing of all teeth
  • Treating diseased teeth, or teeth that are growing in ways that compromise the overall function of your pet’s mouth
  • Performing extractions where indicated with specialist equipment and skill and gentle technique
  • Suturing sockets closed post-extraction to aid healing and comfort and prevent post-operative infection
  • Referral for more specialised procedures such as root canals where indicated
  • Easy peasy dental homecare program devised and discussed on discharge
  • FREE dental checks with our Nurses on an ongoing basis to ensure that effective preventative measures are kept up at home!

Many people with senior pets are reluctant to have their pets undergo anaesthesia to have their teeth cleaned.  In almost every patient, even geriatrics, a dental treatment is a safe and necessary procedure which will prevent ongoing and often severe pain, and will ensure your pet lives out the rest of their days in a happier and healthier state.

In the below video you can follow Sapote the Devon Rex’s dental hygiene journey as Dr Renee transforms him from plaque-affected mouth to shiny healthy teeth!

We offer FREE dental checks with our trained Veterinary Nurses, so visit us soon with your pet, to find out what needs to be done to make their smile a happy and healthy one!

PoppyRose is the poster girl for the the benefits of a thorough dental.  You can read her story HERE.

Cat Dental Vet Procedure Sunshine Coast

Symptoms of dental disease can be silent, and mistaken for other disorders like general crankiness!  After her dental PoppyRose’s behaviour changed drastically.  She is now a happy and spirited cat.

She is affectionate and loving again, and her family is so pleased to have discovered the cause of her discomfort.  With the correct diagnosis and care, PoppyRose is no longer full of fury, because we were able to remove the cause of her chronic pain!