One of our points of difference here at The Natural Vets is we can utilise acupuncture to assist in the treatment of our patients.  Acupuncture can improve blood flow, relieve inflammation and soothe pain. Dr Henry, Dr Catherine, Dr Donna, Dr Natalie and Nurse Bec are all available for acupuncture appointments.

Acupuncture Dog Cat Holistic Natural Vets Sunshine Coast

At The Natural Vets we use both needle and laser acupuncture as appropriate. In this video Dr Henry demonstrates how he uses alternative therapies like acupuncture to support patients dealing with cancer.

Is acupuncture a form of voodoo with all those needles, or does it really work?

Well, here is the proof. Sorry, it’s not a pudding.

‘Ellie’, a 17 year old Dingo Cross was suffering with stiff, painful hips (to be expected after 17 years of acrtive doggy life!). She was having trouble getting up and around, and licking her paws from the pain.

Ellie’s fur mama booked her an acupuncture and massage session with Nurse Bec.

After only one treatment, Ellie’s mobility improved and she was able to walk more comfortably. Her agility was so improved, she could scratch at her ears with her back feet once again – something she had not been able to do for 18 months! She stopped licking at a front paw (licking can be a sign of pain). And was happier, with more energy; even her breathing improved!

WOW! What a result! But not surprising given how acupuncture and massage works to rebalance the body.

These two treatments work beautifully together to effect changes like

  • improvements in circulation
  • reduction in inflammation
  • alleviate pain
  • improve mobility
  • calm the nervous system

Now who doesn’t need at least one of those benefits! (Sadly we don’t take bookings for humans though.)

Holistic Nurse Consultation Services

Another client recently left Nurse Bec this review:

“My dog Charlie is totally at ease when she treats him with acupuncture regularly. She’s always very professional and truly knows what she is doing. Charlie loves you. Thank you for being so gentle and caring Bec. We couldn’t be happier.”

Nurse Bec is gaining quite the reputation for her calm and caring nature, and the way animals settle and relax in her company. The magic results she achieves with her hands and needles make them want to keep coming back for more!