One of our points of difference here at The Natural Vets is that where appropriate we integrate acupuncture to assist in the treatment of our clients.  Acupuncture can be used to improve blood flow, mediate inflammation and relieve pain.

Here Dr Viki is treating Gucci, the seven year old Pomeranian, who is lame in the front right leg.

Acupuncture - Dr Viki - Sunshine Coast Vet 1 - Resized

Shadow the rescued greyhound from Sydney, is Dr Viki’s own dog, who is now in her golden age and living a happy farm life.  Shadow responds well to both hands-on and acupuncture, which helps her to keep up speed and mobility even when she is 15.   At The Natural Vets we use both needle and laser acupuncture as appropriate.  You can see how much Shadow is enjoying her laser acupuncture treatment!

Dr Viki - Senior Dog Laser Acupuncture - Resized

In this video Dr Henry demonstrates how he uses alternative therapies like acupuncture to support patients dealing with cancer.  You can see how relaxed Buster the Golden Retriever is during his treatment – he is obviously enjoying the benefits!