Our aim as Holistic Vets is the pursuit of health and healing for your pet, rather than the suppression of symptoms.  We strive to uncover the root causes of disease, and treat these to bring about a cure. We will empower you to set your pet on the Path to Wellness, by educating you about the causes of disease and the tenets of health.

In this video Dr Henry explains what natural therapies are available here at The Natural Vets, why you would choose them, and what we are trying to achieve when treating your pet with integrative medicine?  Dr Henry answers your questions and discusses how to treat animals with natural therapies including homeopathy, herbs and acupuncture.

Our holistic veterinary services include:

In addition to our holistic veterinary services, we provide standard veterinary clinic services, in a carefully designed calming and healing environment. Our facility is equipped with two consulting rooms, an imaging room, a treatment room and critical care area, a dedicated sterile surgery room, separate dog and cat wards, large dog kennel and a diagnostic laboratory.  Our veterinary services for dogs, cats, birds, pocket pets and wildlife include:

  • Digital Radiography,
  • Dental Imaging and Veterinary Dentistry,
  • Endoscopy,
  • Surgery including Desexing options, Soft Tissue, Emergency and Orthopaedic Surgery,
  • Hospitalisation,
  • Emergency Intervention, and
  • Laboratory Diagnostics.

We also work closely with an Animal Chiropractor and Physiotherapists should your pet need adjustment, realignment or physical therapy.  There is also a canine hydrotherapy pool run by clients of ours at Woodford which is an excellent option for pets needing careful exercise or rehabilitation.  These treatment options are particularly beneficial for geriatric pets or pets suffering from musculoskeletal issues.

Call us today on (07) 5476 7674 to discuss your pet’s needs with our knowledgeable Veterinary Nurses.