So why would you choose to visit The Natural Vets at Forest Glen? There are many varied reasons why pet people choose us as their preferred Sunshine Coast Vet. Our clinic is a warm and welcoming place, our team consists of dedicated, passionate staff who genuinely care, and we can guide your pet on the path back to health. Some animals start out receiving holistic veterinary attention, and are set on their Path to Wellness from a young age. Others come to us after many years of receiving conventional veterinary advice and treatment and may be dissatisfied with the results, or simply seeking an alternative. Some end up here because the people choose natural healing modalities for themselves and it makes sense to do the same for their pets.  Others come just because we are their local Vet.  Whatever the reason, we love that our clients are seeking to make conscious choices about their pet’s health and that we can be part of their pet’s Wellness Journey.  We see clients from our coastal suburbs including Buderim, Tanawha, Sippy Downs, Mountain Creek, Eudlo, Palmwoods, Woombye, Maroochydore and Kawana, and many of our clients also travel from further afield as far as Brisbane and Toowoomba to have their pets cared for by Dr Henry and Dr Renee.

Testimonials from some of clients can be read here. It is amazing the results you can achieve when you combine natural nutrition, an understanding of the principles of health, integrated veterinary medicine, low toxic load, and committed pet guardians.

Snuggles the pooping pup!

Dog Diet Kibble Raw Food Itchy Skin“Thank you so much for all your guidance with little Snuggles! We have transitioned from kibble to raw food without any problems! While on kibble, Snuggles was having some nasty loose stools (cow pile) and she didn’t look exuberant like puppies should. I could see a glaze in her eyes and I was sensing that something wasn’t right with her.

“Snuggles came with dermodex from her mother and poor thing has been itching quite a bit. We noticed some improvement with the good quality kibble we were giving her, but nothing like the raw food…in only 2 days her coat and eyes are shinny! Most importantly Snuggles is now displaying an exuberant energy! I guess now our problem is to keep all this energy under control and meet her physical needs, right? A much better ‘problem’ to have in comparison to a sick/intoxicated puppy. The kibble food was clearly intoxicating her…very sad. Thank you again and have a wonderful day!”

– Luciana, Port Stephens, NSW

Levi the British Blue

Levi Cat Surgery Vet Sunshine Coast - SquareHi It’s Levi here. I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you at The Natural Vets for taking such good care of me before during and after my operation. I feel like a new cat!

I loved my pampering morning so much. Mum thinks I look 10 years younger! She even had to do a photo shoot yesterday while I was trying to rest!

My brother hissed at me when I got home. I think he’s just jealous of my new look but Mum said it’s because I smell different.

That new comb is fantastic. It’s a wonder you didn’t hear me purr from Twin Waters. I’ve been eating my little pieces of meat and even drinking water!

Thank you again for all being so loving and caring. I felt very special.

– Delwyn Humphries, Twin Waters, QLD

Sasha the Mini Schnauzer

Dog nutritional medicine and homeopathic remedies Dear Dr. Henry and the Wonderful Staff,

We just received a lovely memorial candle for Sasha, as well as a sweet card of your local scene. We cannot thank you enough for your warm and loving care of Sasha. Of course we also did our very best to keep her well, but it was eventually not to be.

Dr. Henry’s skill and expertise, especially in nutritional medicine and homeopathic remedies helped enormously. Again, great thanks to you all. You are a truly wonderful vet team!

Warmest Greetings, Paul & Sue, Scarborough, QLD

Miss Mocca the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Dog Emergency First Aid Kit Treatment Sting

Miss Mocca appeared to have been bitten by an insect this morning and was unable to walk on her hind leg, chewing one of her pads profusely after a walk in the garden. Out came my First Aid Kit for the first time after the Dog Lovers Show. I gave her several doses of Ledum followed by a drop of lavender on the bite. She is now calm and relaxed and the chewing has stopped (although her pad is still a little sore). Thank you so so much for putting this kit together and providing the YouTube video on how to use it. Miss Mocca is a PTSD assistance dog and as such an episode like this throws her handler into a bit of stress. I was so surprised how calming the lavender was …. both for her and her handler 🙂. Thanks again! – Natalie

Bejay the Wire Hair Miniature Dachshund

Recommended vet on sunshine coast sick dogDear Natural Vets.  I just want to say a sincere thank you for looking after our Bejay the last couple of months. He enjoyed his special trips in the car up the coast every week for his weekly treatment and he was so energetic afterwards. The little treats he got from the nurses were a highlight for him. We believe that it definitely helped him stay well for longer and your kind words after his passing and the little gift we revived with a special note were much appreciated by our family. I can recommend your clinic very highly and we have definitely learned a few things about food and nutrition along the way too. God bless you all.

– Alan & Bettina Fletcher, Cashmere, QLD

Bella the Miniature Dachshund

Dog Dental Sunshine Coast

Thank you Dr Natalie and the team for taking such good care of our precious Princess Bella.

She is sooo much happier, brighter, full of beans and wanting to play ball again since her dental surgery.

The care and compassion everyone showed before during and after surgery is second to none you are simply amazing.

Thank you all so much 💓

– Kat Rodgers, Wurtulla, QLD

Zoe the Cattle Dog X

Zoe Wood - Very best in veterinary careI have no problems making the five hour round trip to The Natural Vets to make sure my dog gets the best possible veterinary care.




– Bruce Wood, Mt Alford, QLD


Vida the Golden Retriever

Vida Watson - Fantastic Vet Service Sunshine Coast

Fantastic service!

It’s so refreshing to have found a vet that have your pets best interest in check.

Caring and knowledgeable team, we couldn’t have asked for more, we love The Natural Vets!



– Adriana Watson, Mountain Creek, QLD

Blackie the Kelpie

Blackie Moore Kelpie - Sunshine Coast Business of Excellence

I believe this is a business of excellence, in their business operations, services and products.

Great to know there is a business of this calibre in the local community, and importantly in the wellness industry.


– Sandy Moore, Bli Bli, QLD



Billie the Domestic Short Hair Cat - Forest Glen Vet

Thankyou to Dr Renee, Amanda and the beautiful staff at The Natural Vets for your care and kindness over the Christmas-New Year period with our darling Billie.

We are in such good hands and know you are doing everything you can.

We are very lucky to have you as our local Vets.

Much gratitude x


– Anna Dann, Forest Glen, QLD

Millie the  Miniature Poodle

Millie Harvey - Knowledhe and holistic car vet sunshine coast

Even though we have moved 150 kms from Sunshine Coast we still return to Dr Henry.

His knowledge and holistic care for our dogs is worth the drive.

Also Tammy and Amanda the nurses are fantastic.



– Christine Harvey, Tin Can Bay, QLD

Ally the Kelpie

Ally Meggitt - Kelpie Snake Bite Dog Vet Treatment

Cannot thank Dr Renee enough for her help with my little kelpie Ally.

After a bit of a scare with some sudden mystery swellings and a very unhappy dog, Ally was treated for a suspected snakebite. Today, my happy, life-loving girl is back to her normal self and the lumps have disappeared almost as quickly as they showed up.

I couldn’t be happier with the decision to bring Ally in, and having only recently moved to the Sunshine Coast I am stoked to have found a wonderful vet right from the get-go.

Ally and I both thank you all enormously!

 – Elly Meggitt, Bridges, QLD

Penni the Cavalier
Penni Mclaren - Cavalier with seizures - vet treatmentWe have been customers for 20 years, in this time Dr Henry has cared for our 5 Cavaliers.

I have a Cavalier with Syringomyelia (SM) and the results with on going treatment in the last four years have given my girl Penny a better quality of life and her seizures are now only occasional.

Dr Henry and his dedicated Team are truly outstanding in providing the very best in Veterinary care.

– Melinda Mclaren, Buderim, QLD

Oliver & Burnie the Shi Tzus

Olive Ensor - Shi Tzu - Caring professional vet sunshine coast

Dr Henry, Dr Viki and the team at Natural Vet are very caring and professional.

I highly recommend them.





– Trevor Ensor, Forest Glen, QLD

Harry the Labrador

Thank you Dr Renee for your care and expertise today!

The level of care, professionalism, depth of knowledge shared has been unparalleled. I am so grateful and also very glad to have you here on the Sunshine Coast.

I highly recommend this service to anyone who loves their pets, who sees them as one of the family and appreciates a preventative and holistic approach.

Thank you for the tumour removal, dental treatment and nail clipping on our much loved Lab x

– Misha, Landsborough, QLD

Bella the Miniature Dachshund

Dog Dental Sunshine Coast RecommendationA heartfelt giant warm THANK YOU to Dr Henry, Dr Renee, Dr Viki, Nurse Amanda, Nurse Tammy and the rest of team for taking such good care of our very vocal Princess Bella over the past couple of weeks.

She is well on the road to recovery 💓 

Thank you a million times over



– Kat Rodgers, Wurtulla, QLD

Jerry the Chiuahua

Jerry Smith - Vet that Cares and Values pets wellbeing

Only vets that I have ever been to that genuinely care and value your pet’s wellbeing (and guardian) as a whole…

Love your work 💖





– Amanda Smith, Whiteside, QLD

Jack the Kelpie

Jack was having Grand mal seizures.

He hasn’t had one since the visit to this vet….





– Louise Johnson, Mooloolah Valley, QLD

Looie the Border Collie X

Border Collie X Holistic Vet Sunshine Coast

Dr Henry has been our chosen vet for many years and now Dr Renee has come on board, we know our pets cannot be in better hands.

We are so grateful for their ‘natural’ approach to pet care… it is how animals should be treated!

Sound advice on natural treatments, diet and exercise has meant long and healthy lives for our pets.

A huge thank you to Dr Henry and Dr Renee, Amanda and Tammy… we so appreciate your experience and your kind, loving manner.

– Heather Fields, Mudjimba, QLD

Mekah the Kelpie X

Kelpie X Dog treated for Cancer - Sunshine Coast Vet

A big heartfelt thanks to Dr Henry and all the staff at ‘The Natural Vets’ for the past nine months care of our Mekah.

Dr Henry was amazing and tried to save our girl from cancer. We had her for extra quality time. Thank you so much for your care. We couldn’t of had her in better hands.

Thank you so much guys. We miss her terribly.

– Lance & Jessica, Yandina, QLD

Ringo the Staffy X

Staffy X Vet Sunshine Coast

So much more thorough than the ‘normal’ vets I’ve used in the past!!

Wonderful and friendly staff too 👍🏻💚🐶





– Amy Comerford, Mooloolaba, QLD

Buddy the Fox Terrier X

I had my best ever experience with a Natural Health Practitioner today and they were a vet.

Professional, Clean and inspiring premises, took me for a walk through the entire business, no paper receipts (everything scanned), friendly and interested, all staff sought feedback, fun graphics, ethically sourced products, empathetic, wanting to treat the whole dog (not just his bung leg), gave me options and advised risk of compliance and change. Were highly motivated to build relationship with client (dog), considerate of the rest of the family, holistic (food, teeth, gut, poop, activity and mood levels).

It is always great to be wowed and to truly understand my options. Homeopathics, nutrition, diet, exercise were the treatment plan.

My dog panicked during the consult and I came away with scratches, which were also sensitively treated with calendula spray.

Quite an experience!

– Angela Szpojda, Noosa, QLD

Siren the Chicken

How to raise healthy chickens

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for looking after our little hen Siren! The reception staff and nurses were lovely and a particularly huge thank you to Dr Renee for her wonderful treatment! Siren is looking so much better! She had previously slowed down, wouldn’t jump up onto even low surfaces and just seemed generally uncomfortable. Her chest was bare, she had missing tail feathers and all of her feathers had a slightly brittle/sticky type feel to them. Thanks to the simple (yet hugely effective) diet alterations Siren has had a complete turn around over the last month and a half. We are simply grinding their old grain and adding ground up papitas and chai seeds to their food. They have also been getting sprouts and legumes. She now runs and jumps keeping up with our other two hens. Her feathers are silky and soft and she’s grown almost all of the feathers on her chest back! She’s now starting to sprout new tail feathers too!
Don’t even get us started on the effect it’s had on our others chooks – Blossom and Ginger – they’re unstoppable!! They’re so full of energy and jumping around like little mountain goats!!
We are so grateful to you and will seek your amazing veterinary service as required in the future as well as recommend you to everyone we know!!
Thank you again
– Charlotte, Bo and the feathery ladies, Kureelpa, QLD

Dog with Skin Issues

My dog had been having skin issues for some time. I had been taking him to a standard vet who had tried everything from lotions to more recently tablets to keep it under control. It was costing us a fortune, and was only hiding the problem it wasn’t fixing it.

A friend recommended ‘The Natural Vets’ and so I thought why not.

Dr Henry has been fantastic, and in teaching us about it has been instrumental in my dog’s healing. I absolutely can’t believe it!

I highly recommend this vet, thank you.

– Bree, Sunshine Coast, QLD

Lulu the Burmese

Lulu Cat Vet Sunshine Coast

We cannot thank Dr Renee, Dr Henry and their team, particularly Nurse Tammy for saving our lovely Burmese Lulu’s life.
We relocated from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast in September 2015 and, immediately on arriving, Lulu became very ill. Thanks to Dr Renee’s expert care and fast diagnosis, she was able to operate and remove a large mass from Lulu’s abdomen which literally saved her. Throughout her stays in hospital and post operatively, Tammy lovingly cared for Lulu and followed up regularly to see how she was after we brought her home.
Lulu is thirteen and has a long road back to full health, and Dr Henry has been instrumental in helping her through this period with a holistic treatment regime including traditional acupuncture, laser acupuncture and homeopathy.
I was delighted to find a veterinary practice which uses a holistic approach and limits the unnecessary use of drugs in favour of alternate therapies when appropriate, and have no hesitation in recommending them to care for your loved animals. They are a wonderful team and Lulu still purrs happily when she visits the surgery!
– Narelle & David Page, Pelican Waters, QLD

Chester the Fox Terrier

Sunshine Coast Holistic Vet Review

Chester is so happy and healthy now he’s had his operation.

His Wellness Powder has been good for him.

His coat is the shiniest it’s ever been.

He doesn’t loose hair anymore now!

Thanks Dr Renee.

– Daniella Possee, Woombye, QLD

Zeus the Standard Poodle and Isabella the Miniature Poodle

In August 2007 I received a very poor prognosis for my beloved standard poodle Zeus after diagnosis of an auto-immune disease. In desperation I consulted Dr Henry for a second opinion using alternative treatments. Dr Henry successfully treated Zeus for the next 7 years keeping him happy and healthy until old age finally caught up with him.

In 2014 my miniature poodle Isabella became paralysed by an unexplained illness. MRI’s, x-rays and ultrasounds gave no indication of the problem and the specialist said that quite possibly she would not improve or walk again. Dr Henry and Dr Renee started alternative treatment and after almost three months Isabella took her first steps. Today she is running around as before.

I will never be able to express my gratitude to Dr Henry and Dr Renee for their ongoing support and knowledge, keeping my animal family healthy and happy.

– Janifer Layla, Zeus & Isabella, Buderim QLD

Jessie the Border Collie

Border Collie with cancerous benign tumours vet treatmentA Holistic Veterinary Clinic, the truly best way to heal your Pets!

Eight months ago Jessie our eleven year old Border Collie presented with many cancerous benign tumours, due to an overactive Testosterone Gland.

The Tumours are now gone, thanks to Dr Henry’s Homeopathic & Herbal Treatments.

This has been the first time our dog has been sick and in need of a Vet. We sought holistic treatment as our whole Family has only been using Homeopathic remedies to medically treat ourselves for the past 30 years.

Dr Henry’s 100% gentle caring and devoted nature was unwavering through the whole process, as well as the Staff at the clinic.

Our entire family are forever grateful and we wish Dr Henry and staff all the best for the new practice.

– Louella Schlech & Jessie, Buderim QLD

Boss the German Shepherd

German Shepherd

Dr Henry, Dr Renee, Tammy, Amanda the rest of the fabulous team at The Natural Vets do a brilliant job.  I drive 45 mins each way to continue to have my pets cared for by Dr Henry.  He always looks at the “whole picture” for each of my pets & treats the cause of whatever is ailing them, rather than just the symptoms so we get fantastic results & now they are mostly always well & happy.

This truly dedicated team all have a genuine love of animals & caring for them as naturally & calmly as possible…. the way animal care should be. Can’t thank them all enough for the love & care they give my 4 legged friends time & time again.

We’d be lost without them. Feeling grateful & lucky to have them nearby.

Wouldn’t go anywhere else ever! Can’t thank them enough!

– Kelley Norton & Boss, Eudlo QLD

Misty, Snowie and Sunny the Lhasa Apsos

Snowie the Lhasa Apsos Sunshine Coast Vet

Our Lhasa Apsos Misty, Snowie and Sunny have been the beneficiaries of ongoing wonderful experiences with Vet Dr Henry and Amanda, his vet nurse of 22 years, for most of their lives.

Whilst being a normal vet with the capabilities of health provider, surgeon, obstetrician, ophthalmologist, gynaecologist, psychiatrist, and so on, Dr Henry adds to these his intuitive and holistic skills being a highly trained homeopath and acupuncturist. The benefits of these additional skills are that the animals mostly avoid having to have harsh drugs and are able to have their own systems look after them in the long term. For the doubters of the value of homeopathy you only have to see the change in the symptoms of an animal after a few drops of a particular remedy. You will know there is no placebo effect!

In our family of Lhasa Apsos we have bred 2 litters of puppies spanning 15 years. We have kept in touch with many of the siblings and it is interesting to see some of the dogs that have many different vets who are now on cortisone for life and all sorts of invasive medications that the owners think are quite normal. Snowie the dad is 12, Misty the mum is 5 and Sunny is 3, and other than the bare minimum required vaccinations and tick, flea and worm remedies they are in amazing health and fitness.

Dr Henry and Amanda know just how to care for pet owners with their myriad of emotions involving their fur kids as well. This is a relationship between the clinic and the owners. The owners take responsibility for their animals’ health, and really come to intimately understand their pets and the relationships between the human and dog family.

– Gail, Misty, Snowie & Sunny, Buderim QLD

Clare James - vet wealth of experience and knowledge

Thank you so much to Dr Renee for her time and wealth of information.

A very dedicated professional.


– Clare James, Brisbane, QLD


Holly the Giant Schnauzer

Sunshine Coast VetHaving been dog owners most of our lives, my husband and I felt we were quite familiar with dogs’ needs, their health and diets. It was not until we were looking to find a new dog, and puppy Holly came into our lives that I began investigating more about a holistic approach to dog rearing and care.

We dearly love our dogs and thought we were giving them the best of life by annually vaccinating for everything, and simplifying their feeding schedule by offering commercial dry food. However, a fellow dog owner’s unfortunate experience with vaccination and a subsequent discussion about dietary needs with some breeders caused me to search the internet for information.

How fortunate that I came across Dr Renee! I only needed to read a brief paragraph on her website to make me realize we could do better for our dogs!

Dr Renee O’Duhring the holistic vet has not only provided us with the latest information and research, but has also offered her skill and expertise in an incredibly supportive manner.  Dr Renee assisted us in giving not only Holly, but also our old dog Zoe, a quite different diet to any we’d offered previously. She set out dietary information in a very easy to follow chart, and provided supportive evidence for all the information.  Her Fact Sheets and Articles about all aspects of pet well being are very readable and backed up by current research.

It is our belief that the advice and support given by Dr Renee has contributed to our utmost enjoyment and pleasure from Holly. Being only 6 months, she is still learning about appropriate and inappropriate behaviours, but again we have been well supported by the advice from her website and in personal suggestions from Dr Renee.

Holly exudes wonderful vitality, fabulous health, positive well-being and has a beautiful presence within our household … thank you Dr Renee.

– Jeannette & Holly, Noosa Qld

Jet the Kelpie

Natural Vet Recommendation

I was incredibly grateful to Dr Renee for her in-depth knowledge, understanding and compassion in the last years of my beautiful dog, Nakai’s life. He had been an ever-loyal, ever-loving companion for 15 years. It was such a relief, to be able to ensure he had the best possible age-specific nutrition and herbal support. Dr Renee has a wonderful mix of scientific knowledge and holistic understanding, she really was able to offer Nakai and I the best possible care.

Nowadays, I am lucky enough to share my life with Jet, a bouncing bundle of Kelpie excitedness. I am delighted to be able to offer Jet the eco friendly toys and pet products sourced by Dr Renee. I feel safe in the knowledge that there is no chemical toxicity and no latent danger to his health.

It is great, that I am able to provide Jet with a healthy natural diet, right from the start and am confident that this will ensure not only his best possible health, but also less vet bills! Dr Renee’s Wellness Plans and Vaccination Schedules are thoroughly researched and easy to understand. They really provided me with the knowledge I needed, to make the best possible decisions for my furry friend.

Jet brings so much love, joy and happiness into my life, I am glad to offer him the healthiest, happiest life available. And ever grateful to Dr Renee for her dedication to making this possible. Thank you Dr Renee.

– Georgie, Paul & Jet, Boat Harbour NSW

Astro the Labrador

Holistic Vet Referral

Astro came into our family when we desperately needed love and he has had a special place in it for the past 13 years now. He is a golden Labrador and until he pulled a cruciate ligament in his hind quarter when he was about 11 had had no health issues besides his arthritis and weight.

Now in his later years he suddenly has problems due to his age and we found ourselves at a loss as to where to turn to because the vets were only going to treat Astro with very expensive pills long term and /or a major operation which might not have been successful anyway. At his age the latter was not going to be an option for us. No other option was even discussed with us.

I began researching the internet for caring for older pets,pets with cancer and/or other health problems. My thoughts were that If Astro did have cancer that I would give him the best palliative care I could and make him comfortable. I found a lot of information about Holistic foods and natural medicines but it was from America and not available here.
My wonderful son Mitchell did his own research and found Dr Renee O’Duhring – how lucky am I! Not only was she a Holistic Vet but she was also not far from where we live.
Well contact was made with Dr Renee and Astro’s first appointment made.  Dr Renee has made major improvements in Astro’s health in such a short time, within just two days on the Chinese herbs and other things recommended I could see a difference. Dr Renee has given Astro a new diet to follow which includes K9 natural, fresh cooked vegetables and raw and cooked meats especially designed for his problems and he loves it all, well he is a Labrador.

We have had a follow up visit recently and Dr Renee is as happy with Astro’s progress as I am.  In all honesty I can say Dr Renee has saved Astro’s life and he will be so much happier now in his twilight years and I am ever so thankful for someone who has such a passion and gift.”

– Wendy & Astro, Raymond Terrace NSW

Sadly, Astro was euthanased late in 2011 for end-stage cancer. He rallied right to the end, and was an incredibly loyal, loving and peaceable member of the Pattison family. He will be forever deeply missed.

– Dr Renee

Gracie the Airedale

Holistic Vet Recommend

My dog suffered from continuous ear infections and began to have choking and swallowing problems during the night. The vet treated her with local ear treatments but could find nothing wrong in the throat. No blood tests were suggested. I went to another vet as Gracie had become lethargic and depressed.The vet ordered a general blood scan and diagnosed auto-immune disorder, major organs were ultrasounded and no sign of cancer was detected. Her platelet count was dangerously low and spleen enlarged, I was told that she must have heavy doses of cortisone or she could shortly die of a ruptured spleen . The side effects of this drug is now known to me but at the time I was told there was no alternative treatment, I wish I had known about Dr Renee but that wasn’t till many months later.

The ear problems got worse despite many various treatments and she began to lose her fur in patches, especially her tail and rear quarters, ending up practically bald in some areas.
The vet said there was nothing more he could do as in his opinion she had developed Cushings Disease as a result of the drugs and had only weeks or (at best months) to live. He didn’t need to see me again!

Being a great believer in natural diet I cut out all processed foods and sent to USA for homeopathic drops for Cushings Disease. After about 8 months of this regime she had improved a bit generally but no sign of hair regrowth. A friend recommended Dr Renee so I took Gracie to her. A full blood scan was ordered and also a “T4” test for thyroid function, it revealed the condition “Hypothyroidism” as being the major problem and Dr Renee prescribed medication plus a combination of Chinese herbs. In a matter of weeks her fur had grown back and at 3 months another blood test showed that any evidence of Cushings was practically gone, thyroid levels almost back to normal range and very much improved in general. Renee adjusted her diet by adding more meat and very importantly offal every day, she still has the raw ground veges and has continued to improve.
I wish I had discovered this great Holistic Vet and devoted animal lover much earlier in my dog’s illness. Thank you.”

(Continuing Story of Gracie…)
Sadly, after improving so much under Dr Renee’s good care, Gracie was diagnosed with liver cancer in August 2011. A large tumour was removed at Hamilton Veterinary Clinic and after a brave battle, and a hands-on energy healing treatment by a human therapist, she recovered and regained her health quite well.

The follow-up scan in early February 2012, however, showed that the cancer had returned. Gracie lost her battle on February 23rd 2012.

I am proud of my girl, the staff and Vets at Hamilton Vet Clinic have said she was one of the bravest patients they’ve ever had, and she won many hearts.

(Note that Gracie had been on long-term Imuran therapy, an immunosuppressive drug, for immune-mediated disease, prior to first consulting with Dr Renee. The Imuran medication was very quickly stopped after consulting with Dr Renee, but Viv and Dr Renee were both convinced that this medication played a major part in Gracie developing liver cancer. This is highly likely given that cancer and liver toxicity are two very serious potential side effects of long-term Imuran treatment.)

– Viv & Gracie, Newcastle NSW

Gracie had an incredibly calm, accepting temperament, and was one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. She will be forever missed.

– Dr Renee

Sam the Labrador
Sam, a yellow labrador, has been a part of our family for over six years. We believed we had been feeding Sam a healthy diet, however, that view changed when we attended a Natural Canine Diet Workshop run by veterinarian, Dr Renee O’Duhring. Renee explained that commercial pet foods do not provide the best diet for our pets and that we should be feeding them a raw, natural diet. The workshop was informative and included a demonstration of raw food preparation. Renee is passionate about a raw diet being the best for our pets’ health and well-being and we thoroughly recommend this workshop to pet owners.

-Bronwen, Michael & Sam, Newcastle NSW

Sam is a very handsome, loving, loyal Labrador who had been suffering with chronic skin issues over many years. With personalised dietary modification to a 100% natural diet incorporating both homemade food and K9 Natural freeze-dried food, as well as Chinese Herbal therapies and homeopathic treatment, he  recovered completely. His skin and coat became perfect – just like him!

– Dr Renee

Daisy and Wally the Staffies

What Holistic Vet do you recommendHolistic Vet Testimonial

We were after professional and sound advice on the best natural diet for our two dogs that we’d just adopted. Dr Renee’s diet information was exactly what we were looking for from a qualified vet.

We now have two very content and healthy dogs, frequently praised on how good they look, we put this down to their natural diet. The best bit is that it doesn’t cost a fortune!

– Sue, Nige, Daisy & Wally, Salamander Bay NSW