Dog Diet Kibble Raw Food Itchy Skin

“Thank you so much for all your guidance with little Snuggles! We have transitioned from kibble to raw food without any problems! While on kibble, Snuggles was having some nasty loose stools (cow pile) and she didn’t look exuberant like puppies should. I could see a glaze in her eyes and I was sensing that something wasn’t right with her.  Snuggles came with dermodex from her mother and poor thing has been itching quite a bit.  In only 2 days her coat and eyes are shinny! Most importantly Snuggles is now displaying an exuberant energy! I guess now our problem is to keep all this energy under control and meet her physical needs, right? A much better ‘problem’ to have in comparison to a sick/intoxicated puppy. The kibble food was clearly intoxicating her…very sad.”

Luciana, Port Stephens, NSW