Why TeleConsults?

Many pet families are unable to access trusted holistic veterinary care in their location.  To better service the pet community, we offer TeleConsults, i.e. consultations via telephone or video Australia wide (except WA).

We know that people can’t find the information or support they need to get their pets well, and keep them that way. We see evidence of this every day.

We understand how frustrating it is watching your pet suffer.  It breaks our hearts too when we hear of pet families receiving devastating news about their pet’s health.

Problems that can’t be fixed. Lifelong medication. Or a life-threatening diagnosis, with nothing that can be done.

Thankfully our holistic approach helps many pet families overcome these challenges.  We know, because we’ve seen it work, time and time again.

What does a TeleConsult provide you?

We formulate a customised holistic plan for your pet that you can implement at home with our support. 

How does a TeleConsult work?

  • We require all of your pet’s medical history including any relevant diagnostic/laboratory results prior to the consultation
  • Your pet must have been checked by a Veterinarian within the last six months
  • We can talk on the telephone or video – please advise when you make your booking if you have a preference
  • All required medications will be express posted to you within 24 hours of your consultation.
  • Pre-payment is required to secure your first booking.

Regular veterinary checks performed by your usual treating Veterinarian will be required ongoing to ensure your pet receives the most optimal veterinary care.

Visit our ‘Veterinary Consultations‘ page for more information about why you need holistic veterinary care, what you can expect from your first appointment, and how we work together.

Join our Tribe!

With a central location on the Sunshine Coast, we have many clients that travel long distances to have their pets cared for by our dedicated holistic team.  From as far afield as Hervey Bay, Bundaberg, Rockhampton, Brisbane, Toowoomba and the Gold Coast, we are always surprised by the dedication of our tribe.

If you cannot travel to our clinic however for any reason (including global pandemics and social isolation!) we can still help you.

From this map you can see that we support patients in this way, Australia wide!

Where are clients located Australia Natural Holistic Vet Online - updated

Book your pet’s holistic veterinary consultation today!

From our online booking portal simply select from our range of “TeleConsult” options.

Alternatively you can call (07) 5476 7674 or email hello@thenaturalvets.com.au to request your appointment.