Our team consists of four passionate and dedicated Holistic Veterinarians, Dr Henry, Dr Renee, Dr Viki and Dr Natalie and our experienced holistic veterinary nurses, Tammy, Amanda, Emma, Eliza and Tristan.  We see clients from all across the Sunshine Coast and many from further afield.  Clients travel from Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Hervey Bay and Rockhampton to have their pets cared for by our devoted team.

Dr Henry

The Natural Vets - Dr HenryDr Henry Stephenson graduated with Honours from the University of Queensland’s vet school in 1979. He has pursued further studies in various alternative modalities, including a Bachelor of Veterinary Homeopathy and IVAS (International Veterinary Acupuncture Society) accreditation to practice Acupuncture. Dr Henry is a guest lecturer at the University of Queensland, and a contributor to numerous medical journals including the International Homeopathic Journal.  Henry is a devoted Holistic Vet with an excellent reputation in Australia and around the world for his dedication to the art of healing using homeopathy and alternative methods. He brings to The Natural Vets an immense depth of knowledge of the disease process and how to bring about a cure for every animal.

Dr Henry has three grown children, and when not at the clinic working out how to cure your pets, he can be found meditating, mountain biking, or hiking in the bush with his wife.

Dr Renee

The Natural Vets - Dr ReneeDr Renee O’Duhring graduated with Honours from the University of Queensland’s vet school in 2003, and within a year of graduating discovered the limitations of her conventional veterinary training.  She enrolled in the Bachelor of Veterinary Homeopathy, and after completing two years of this three-year degree, diverged to gain IVAS accreditation in Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine, and went on to complete a Graduate Diploma.  She has completed an introductory course in Animal Acupuncture, and has extensively researched companion pet nutrition. Dr Renee was appointed the Holistic Veterinary Expert for Dog’s Life magazine in 2011 and writes regular editorials for Woof Mag.  She took on the role of Editor for Integrative Veterinarians Australia in 2015, producing regular newsletters and journals for the Holistic Vets of Australia.  She is passionate about educating people on the true causes of disease and the path to health, and living a gentle life in connection with the earth and all of its creatures.

Dr Renee has three young children, a husband, and two fur-kids Shanti the Staffie and Sapote the Devon Rex. When not at the clinic teaching people how to feed their pets a natural diet, she can be found preparing all manner of delicious vegan treats, doing calisthenics or yoga, surfing, paddle-boarding (with Shanti the wonder dog), climbing mountains on foot or a bike, dancing or meditating.

Dr Viki

Dr Viki is an Holistic Vet from Hungary who has made Australia her home.  She has many years experience working as a Holistic Vet, having worked alongside Dr Rowan Kilmartin at Animal Options on the Gold Coast, and running her own integrative practice for five years in far north Queensland.  Hands-on healing is her passion, and she is skilled at acupuncture, osteopathy, chiropractic care, muscle release and body balance techniques, as well as Chinese herbs and homeopathy.  She is genuinely interested in ensuring the best outcome for every pet.

Dr Viki has made Sunshine Coast her home and is building her very own self-sustaining permaculture property.  She has a menagerie of animals including horses, ducks, geese and her beautiful rescued Greyhound ‘Shadow’.  We are blessed to have another passionate and skilled Holistic Vet working with us.  Viki works at the clinic every Thursday and on regular Saturdays.

Dr Natalie

Dr Natalie graduated with Honours from the University of Queensland’s vet school in 2011. She had already started becoming familiar with alternative modalities such as acupuncture and Chinese herbs for her and her pets’ own health. Dr Natalie then started her first job in Inverell where she was able to incorporate some complementary modalities working under a Vet who practiced acupuncture and advocated raw food diets.

Dr Natalie gained excellent surgical experience from the high case load of emergency patients ranging from caesarians to leg amputations.  She was also able to incorporate essential oils, Chinese herbs and Western herbs into the clinic’s treatment toolkit.  Dr Natalie has completed a number of workshops and courses on acupuncture, Chinese herbs, essential oils and animal massage. She is passionate about essential oils in particular and has been the mastermind behind the development of many of our essential oil products and blends.  Dr Natalie is excited to be our newest member of the team here at the Natural Vets, and brings great energy and passion to the clinic.  We are fortunate to have welcomed another Holistic Vet (rare gems!) to our team!