Why seek holistic veterinary care?

Your pet’s health and wellbeing are of greatest concern to you.  You are looking for veterinary treatments that are effective, safe and will keep your pet well.

You don’t want to be worried about your animal’s health, or your wallet, you just want your pet to be happy and healthy without ongoing vet bills.

If you are visiting our page, you are most likely seeking holistic veterinary care from trusted experts in the field, and treatments that will help your pet on their Path to Wellness.  Well you have come to the right place!

What can you expect from a holistic veterinary consultation at The Natural Vets?

  1. Time.  We spend more time with you and your pet to get a clear picture of what is going on, why it has occurred, and how we can help.  For new patients, the first consultation can take an hour or more, to provide us with all the information we need.
  2. Trust. The time taken to record all the information we require allows your pet time to relax and be at ease before we need to examine them.  This makes the veterinary experience low-stress, and builds your pet’s trust and rapport with us.
  3. Turnaround. We are seeking to determine the true cause of disease in your pet, and bring about change at the root rather than at surface level. The supportive medications and modalities we use are selected to add strength to your animal’s system, so they can naturally heal themselves.  In many cases we can resolve conditions completely, but this turnaround can take time. We cannot guarantee rapid results in every circumstance, and the probability of cure and timeline for improvement will be discussed with you so that you understand what to expect.

How can you ensure the best results for your pet?

Do not feed your pet the morning of the visit, and do not bath your pet or clean their ears for at least 3 days prior.  Having an empty tummy means that your pet is more likely to be hungry for treats at the clinic, and not grooming them means we get to see your pet in their natural state, which gives us great information about your pet and their needs.  Other things we may expect you to change or incorporate:

  1. Reduce Toxicity. If your pet is already on conventional medication, we may counsel you to reduce or remove it if appropriate. If you are using pharmaceutical preventatives, for example for tick prevention, we will discuss with you which products are most appropriate, and which can be safely substituted for natural alternatives.  We will guide you to reduce vaccines whilst still keeping your pet protected from contagious disease.
  2. Lifestyle changes.  Exercise and emotional well-being are important components of recovery, and we will outline where changes may need to be implemented to support your pet’s recovery.
  3. Diet change.  For pets to heal, their body needs to be fueled with proper nutrition. A raw natural diet is best in most cases, and we can guide you how to implement any necessary changes.  We provide detailed diet plans that are simple and easy to follow.


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How do we support you to get your pet well?

We devise a specific treatment plan for your pet which will address the root causes, and will educate you about changes that need to be made at home in order to ensure that healing occurs and a lasting state of health is achieved.  When diet and lifestyle changes are integrated at home, the holistic approach is more likely to bring about a cure for your pet so that you won’t have to keep returning to the Vet month after month for the same problem.

Unparalleled email and phone support is provided by our veterinary nursing team, guiding you each step of the way along your pet’s wellness journey.  Please respond to our follow-up calls or emails, so we can monitor how your pet is responding to the treatment, and assist you to make any necessary changes with ease.

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Call us on (07) 5476 7674 to schedule an appointment.  We require all previous Vet records you are able to access be sent to us prior to your pet’s first appointment.  Appointments are usually a minimum of one hour for your pet’s first visit, and the current consultation fee as at November 2018 is $249 per hour.  Our consultation fees are a very cost-effective way of dealing with health issues.  Most conventional Vets charge between $60-80 for a standard consultation and this is often as short as 15 minutes or less.  Very few diseases can be cured in this time frame. One hour is recommended for most new patient bookings, however if your pet has any behaviour challenges, or a complex diagnosis, please note that more time may be required.

The consultation fee includes time spent reading your pet’s medical history prior to the appointment, talking with you, examining your pet, analysing the case,  devising a treatment plan, discussing proposed treatments with you, and liaising with other treating Veterinarians where required.  Regular rechecks are then advised for optimal results, and the recommended recheck timeline will be specific to your pet’s circumstance.

Additional costs may be expected if further diagnostic tests are required, physical therapies such as bodywork or acupuncture are performed, and for dispensed medications.

We understand that the cost of pet health care can add up quickly, and we strive to ensure that each step along The Path to Wellness for your pet leads to obvious improvements and benefits with reduced veterinary costs over time.


If you have a young, healthy animal, a recently required (less than 4 weeks) rescue pet, or a pet with only a minor health issue, a half hour ‘Wellness Check’ appointment may be adequate.  If behaviour advice is required please note a longer booking is usually necessary.

To keep your appointment time with the Vet to a minimum, know that you can discuss natural alternatives for chemical prevention (fleas, ticks, worms etc) and dietary questions with our experienced team of holistic veterinary nurses, who provide their expert advice free of charge.

Make your first booking today!

Please phone the clinic on (07) 5476 7674 and speak to our friendly Nurses to book your pet’s appointment.

What to do on Consultation day:

When it comes time to visit the clinic, please ensure your pet is leashed (dogs) or caged (cats and other critters).  There may be other pets waiting to visit us at the clinic, and it is best if all pets are restrained to minimise the potential for problems or stressful interactions.  When inside the consulting room your pet will be free to explore.

Arrive for your appointment 5-10 minutes beforehand, and if you have a dog, take some time to let them sniff and explore outside the clinic before coming in.  This gives them a toilet opportunity, and the act of sniffing is very calming for dogs and so makes for a smoother introduction to a new place.  

Do you have Pet Insurance?

We recommend all pet guardians consider pet insurance for their pets.  Both Bupa and Petplan offer insurance plans that include cover for alternative therapies, as well as accident, illness, wellness and dental cover depending on the level of plan you choose.  Note that any pre-existing health condition will likely be excluded.