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ZiwiPeak is a natural, wild-prey equivalent food, that was was rated # 1 out of 245 dog foods reviewed by independent Nutritional Research.  It is manufactured in their own factory in New Zealand from high quality, 100% natural, raw meat and organs, with no added carbohydrates, by-products, fillers, colours, chemicals or preservatives.  ZiwiPeak uses Venison, Lamb and Beef that are all sourced from free-ranging NZ farms, and Hoki Fish and Green-lipped Mussel harvested from the Pacific waters surrounding New Zealand.  This is an excellent option for owners who want to feed their pets a natural diet but need the convenience of a shelf-stable canned or air-dried food.

It can be a very useful diet for a cat addicted to processed dry food who refuses to recognise raw food as something worthwhile investigating.  Cats on dry foods are prone to many problems including urinary tract disease, diabetes, obesity and kidney failure.  Changing your cat to a diet that retains the moisture in the food is one thing you can do to prevent these common diet-related diseases.  We do not stock any dry, extruded foods at The Natural Vets as we understand the link between diet and health, and know that the moisture missing in dry foods has a massive impact on an animal’s health and longevity.

ZiwiPeak food

ZiwiPeak offers both dog and cat foods suitable for all breeds and life stages from kitten or puppy to senior dog or cat.  ZiwiPeak is GMO Free. It has no Ethoxyquin, no BHA, no BHT, no Propylene Glycol and the cans have a BPA-free liner.