The Complete Pet.

The Complete Pet Company is 100% Australian owned and operated by a Brisbane couple, Jenny and Graham.  They produce the “Complete Meal”, a nutritious, ethical, raw, frozen dog and cat food made using cruelty-free and human-grade ingredients.  Many pet foods contain meat from animals that have been housed in appalling conditions and endured endless pain and suffering.  The Complete Pet Company offers an ethical alternative for pet owners who care not only about their animals, but also about the animals used to create the food their pet needs to thrive.

jenny graham and dog

The Complete Pet Company is not just a raw, organic, natural dog and cat food company, it is a company that is motivated to change the way we think, feel, act, treat and communicate with all animals.  At The Natural Vets we choose to stock only ethically-produced products, and we are proud to support The Complete Pet Company and their vision to change the world.

Complete Pet Co food

The Complete Pet Company produce complete balanced meals as patties (boxed) or 2kg rolls.  There are beef, lamb, turkey, goat and kangaroo varieties.  Their food contains other healthy ingredients, including blended leafy greens, coconut, chia seeds, hemp seed oil, honey, and a balanced vitamin and mineral supplement, and is suitable for pets of all life stages.