We are pleased to be one of the first stockists of a new, innovative food on the Australian market.  Frontier Pets are producing a range of superior pet products using only high welfare ingredients and materials that support ethical producers, with the aim of eliminating factory farming.  As Frontier Pets state, the more support we give to ethical producers, and the more awareness we bring to the true cost of Factory Farming, the less call there will be for Factory Farmed products.

Here’s what they have to say on Factory Farming:  “Factory Farming is characterised by the use of close confinement systems, overcrowded sheds or barren outdoor feedlots. These animals are fed concentrated, inappropriate feed, and are prone to painful production-related diseases. More land is used to support Factory Farmed animals than Free-Range and for every 100 calories of edible crops to feed livestock, we get back just 30 calories in the form of meat and milk. It’s inefficient, it’s destructive, it’s unnecessary and it’s unbelievably cruel.”

Frontier Pets produce a freeze-dried range of biologically appropriate food, based on either free-ranging, grass-fed beef or pork, and there is soon to be mutton and chicken added to their line also.  The diet is biologically appropriate for dogs and suitable for all life stages, and has been formulated by a Holistic Vet.  They also produce a range of ethical treats.

Shanti - Frontier Food & Haqihana Harness

Benefits of feeding Frontier Pets food include:

  • Feeding a diet made from free-range, grass fed animals with higher nutritional value.
  • Contains offal from the same free-range, grass-fed animal (single protein diet – great for allergy patients).
  • Contains free-range, pasteurised eggs, organic fruit & vegetables, organic turmeric, linseed & almond meals and kelp.
  • Is gluten free.
  • Is GMO free.
  • Is low carbohydrate, fitting the dog’s ancestral dietary requirements.
  • Is freeze-dried so that the colours, flavours, smells and nutritional content remain intact.
  • Provides a complete balanced food developed in conjunction with an holistic animal nutritionist & vet with over 30 years experience.
  • Is suitable for all breeds in all life stages (except giant breeds).
  • Is proudly 100% Australian made & owned.
  • Contains only human grade ingredients.
  • Is easily stored as it requires no refrigeration, takes up minimal shelf space and has a super long shelf life.
  • Weighs four times less than traditional dog food, so it’s easy to carry and is fabulous for travelling.
  • Is ultra convenient – just add warm water.

Most Importantly, your dog will benefit… it will be healthier, have more vitality and will be more likely to maintain a healthy weight.

Dr Renee O’Duhring sat down for a Q&A session with Diana Scott, the founder of Frontier Pets, to discuss your questions relating to Ethical Dog Food, such as:

  • What is the big deal?
  • What is the Vision of Frontier Pets?
  • Who made the recipe?
  • What meats are available?
  • What is ethical pork?
  • Where does the beef come from?
  • What else is in it?
  • Is the final product tested?