We stock long leads by the Complete Pet Company, made from biothane – a synthetic, hard-wearing, leather substitute that is widely used in equestrian sports.

Biothane has a number of advantages over other leash materials:

  • Always supple, regardless of the temperature
  • Does not absorb moisture or dirt, so does not become heavier as a result of water or mud (your dog can run through puddles and surf and the leash repels water and dirt)
  • Easy to clean, simply rinse it under the tap and it’s ready for use
  • Very strong

There are two widths and two different lengths available – 4m or 10m.

Different snap hooks are available on the thinner 13mm width leashes to suit every size of dog – lighter hooks are best for lightweight dogs, whereas heavier more robust hooks are available for more solid breeds.

The wider 19mm width leashes come only with the stronger snap hook.  Both widths have the same strength and are available in different bold colours that are easy to track.

The minimum length of the leads is 4m as this allows your dog more freedom and will also ensure you are more able to observe your dog’s behaviour when out walking, avoiding potentially confrontational situations early.

If you need any assistance getting used to walking your dog in a harness with a long lead, Jenny Golsby from The Complete Pet Company runs regular workshops where this is a large component of the practical sessions for both adult dogs and puppies.