We treat animals using primarily natural methods including homeopathics and herbal remedies, and use companies that have excellent quality assurance in place. Some of these you can purchase over the counter, for example Bach/Bush Flower Rescue Remedy for times of stress, or calming remedies for events that upset your pet such as storms or travel. In most cases, however, remedies will need to be individualised and your pet will require a consultation to determine what it is that they need.

We have carefully selected our range of over-the-counter products, offering sustainable choices that will reduce your pet’s toxic load and promote their well-being.  Some of the products we stock that you may not find in other Vet clinics or pet stores.

These are the products we use on, feed to and play with our own pets.  Here Dr Renee is enjoying an afternoon paddle at Cotton Tree with clinic mascot ‘Shanti’, who is wearing a Ruffwear flotation jacket.

Dog Outdoor Water Adventure SUP 3

The Complete Pet.

The Complete Pet Company – a Brisbane-based company that produces ethical, raw, frozen dog and cat food made using cruelty-free and human-grade ingredients.  They also provide us with organic bones sourced only from free-ranging animals.  The Complete Pet Company is not just a natural dog and cat food company, it is a company that is motivated to change the way we think, feel, act, treat and communicate with all animals.  At The Natural Vets we choose to stock only ethically-produced products, and we are proud to support The Complete Pet Company and their vision to change the world.

Organic Paws

Organic Paws – a variety of frozen complete raw meals for carnivorous pets, made using Australian certified organic meats, organs, ground bone, and a few essential supplements.  This food is closest to what nature intended dogs and cats to eat, and promotes health, vitality and longevity like no other.

ZiwiPeak Logo

ZiwiPeak is a natural, wild-prey equivalent food, that was was rated # 1 out of 245 dog foods reviewed by independent Nutritional Research.  It is manufactured in  New Zealand from high quality, 100% natural, raw meat and organs, with no added carbohydrates, by-products, fillers, colours, chemicals or preservatives.  ZiwiPeak uses Venison, Lamb and Beef that are all sourced from free-ranging NZ farms, and Hoki Fish and Green-lipped Mussel harvested from the Pacific waters surrounding New Zealand. This is an excellent option for owners who want to feed their pets a natural diet but need the convenience of a shelf-stable canned or air-dried food.

DoTERRA logo-small

doTERRA essential oils – therapeutic grade essential oils which can be administered to animals (and their people) in food, water, grooming products, by diffusion into the air, or in therapeutic preparations such as ointments or capsules.  We use doTERRA essential oils in many ways in the clinic, to calm animals down, for cleaning our environment, and for healing purposes.  If you would like to learn more about doTERRA essential oils and their uses in pets or people, speak to Dr Renee, she is our certified doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

We do not use any products that we consider damaging to the earth’s crucial ecosystems, and instead source alternatives that have less environmental impact. One example of this is fish oil, often recommended as a supplement for animals with skin issues, arthritis or cancer. The manufacture of fish oil places a huge demand on already depleted fish stocks.  We recommend using soaked chia seeds or algae-based omega-3 marine oil in place of fish oil when needed, as these options provide excellent levels of omega-3 fatty acids and are a more sustainable choice.

We strive to make conscious choices about everything we choose to stock and recommend for your pet.