The Peaceful Pack eBook


Are you enjoying life with your dog?

Or are you experiencing challenges and difficulties? A dog that barks at everything, jumps at every noise, cries every time you leave the house, pulls your shoulder out of joint when you go for a walk, or wants to eat other dogs, and generally makes life unpleasant for both of you? This means you have a stressed-out dog! (And you NEED to buy this ebook!)

We believe that life with dogs should be peaceful and easy, and with this little book by your side what may seem an impossible dream truly becomes possible!

The Natural Vets donate 100% of all sales of this eBook to Mini Tails Animal Sanctuary.

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If you are experiencing challenges and difficulties with your dog, and are craving a more peaceful, harmonious life, this ebook contains exactly the life-changing material you need!

Outlining principles that Dr Renee uses in practice to recover her patients from a variety of disorders, including inappropriate social manners, reactive leash behaviours, severe separation anxiety, and more, you will discover how you may be causing stress, how stress affects your dog, and what you need to do differently to set your dog up for a happy, calm life.

This ebook explores exactly what stress is, how to recognise if your dog is stressed, how it affects your dog, the things we commonly do as humans that cause our dogs stress, and the top 5 things you can do to reduce your dog’s (and your!) stress levels. If you are craving a happy life for you and your dog, this is the ebook for you. Discover a greater understanding of your dog so that you can set them up for a happy, calm life, and they can relax and enjoy life as a dog.

This ebook covers the following topics in detail:

  • What is stress and how it affects your dog
  • Stress biochemistry
  • What causes stress in dogs
  • How to tell if your dog is stressed
  • Top 5 Actions to reduce stress (your dog’s, and yours!), including Dr Renee’s #1 easy stress-reduction tool everyone can do right away!

Invest in our ‘Peaceful Pack’ ebook today to develop a peaceful, easy relationship with your dog. Then if you are keen to learn more, keep your eye on our workshop page, as Dr Renee regularly presents workshops on this very topic. One of the attendees at her latest workshop emailed her 48 hours later to say that she had implemented the advice and already seen changes!

Dr Renee is known as our clinic ‘Dog Whisperer’, and with a special interest in behaviour, and surprisingly simple insights into the psychology of dogs, she can support and assist you to develop a peaceful, easy relationship with your dog.