Raw Feeding For Puppies eBook


Setting your pets on their Path to Wellness is our mission and passion!  But without the foundation of a raw, natural diet our job becomes more difficult.

Your pet is designed to thrive on real, raw food, not a bag of sawdust – even fancy ‘vet-approved’ sawdust.

A balanced, natural, species-appropriate diet provides the building blocks required to build robust health and vitality from the inside out. The result is a state of wellness that naturally resists disease, because vitality and power are supported and obstructions are removed.

Invest in our raw feeding ebook for puppies today so your pet can thrive.

The Natural Vets donate 100% of all sales of this eBook to Mini Tails Animal Sanctuary.


Many pet families feel unsupported when they want to feed raw.  It feels right to them but they are told it is wrong.

You may have heard from your vet that all pups need to eat is a complete dry food…

Well, I know a secret… vets only spend 2 hours learning about small animal nutrition during their 5+ year veterinary science degree. So not all vets are experts in raw feeding.

Thankfully we are. We have seen the proof after decades of providing raw feeding guidance, and know without question that pets fed real food are happier, healthier and live longer.

Highly processed foods full of starch and “pet-grade” meat does not grow healthy puppies. Real food does.

But it needs to be done right.

That’s why we created our ebooks. To help you get it right.  And we now have one specifically for puppies.

This simple ebook will get you started feeding your pup real raw food. Be guided on:

  • what raw food looks like
  • what needs to be included
  • which companies you can rely on
  • when to feed it, and
  • how to smoothly transition your pup from sawdust at every meal to happiness in a bowl (or kong or slow feeder…)
Then when you want to know more, you can progress onto the Raw Feeding for Dogs comprehensive ebook, or book a nurse nutrition consult.

Some of the things our clients notice when they transition their pets to raw include:
– improved coat shine and condition
– healthy skin, less itch, less rashes
– less flatulence
– better stools
– more energy
– optimal weight more easily achieved
– signs of ageing slow down or even reverse
– less money spent at the Vet!

I feel like I should be waving a placard “Raw Food for Life”, that’s how excited I am about this topic.  I hope you are too.  ~ Dr Renee.