Puppy Kindy


How do you put your pup’s best paw forward? With Puppy Kindy of course!

By attending Puppy Kindy you can get your pet started on their wellness path from the beginning. Each week you will receive expert guidance along your puppy’s wellness path.

Wellness strategies you implement now help your dog live their best life.

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What do we cover in Puppy Kindy?

  • Disease prevention framework – What’s necessary? What’s safe?
  • How to feed a natural diet – the best and most natural disease prevention strategy!
  • Normal social and play behaviours and how to gently modify unacceptable behaviours.
  • The best forms of exercise for your pup, and what equipment you need.
  • How to promote curiosity, confidence and contentment.
  • And an added bonus – putting their best paw forward in Puppy Kindy means your pup is more likely to enjoy vet visits for the rest of their life!

Course outline:

  • Pups must be between 8 – 16 weeks of age to attend.
  • Class 1: Tuesday evening 5:30 to 6:30pm Information Class (No puppies – this week is all about human learning and we need your full attention!)
  • Class 2: Saturday afternoon 1 to 2pm Practical Class (Bring puppies)
  • Class 3: Saturday afternoon 1 to 2pm Practical Class (Bring puppies)
  • Class 4: Titre Test Nurse Consult when your puppy is 16 weeks old. This class will be a one-on-one with a nurse to answer any outstanding questions you may have and to demonstrate a health check for you to perform at home.  In addition to the Titre Test we will complete a tick search, clean their ears, clip their nails, check their teeth and finish with a massage (pups – not owners!)


  • $99 enrolment fee
  • First Bonus: Free educational pack including our ebook ‘Raw Feeding for Puppies’.
  • Second Bonus: All pups who graduate from the course will have their $99 enrolment fee deducted from their 16 week Titre Test cost.

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So what are you waiting for?  This is a unique offering on the coast – book your Puppy Kindy today!