The Problems with Processed Pet Foods eBook


Our passion here at The Natural Vets is to set your pet on their Path to Wellness. We have come to realise, however, that our efforts to keep pets well are usually futile unless the pet family is ready and willing to feed their pet a balanced, natural, species-appropriate diet. A diet made from real, raw food, not a bag of sawdust made in a lab. A diet that naturally promotes robust health and wellness from the inside out. Dr Renee has written this eBook to explain why.

The Natural Vets donate 100% of all sales of this eBook to Mini Tails Animal Sanctuary.


In this ebook you will discover:
– why so many Vets still recommend processed pet foods
– 11 major problems with processed pet foods, especially dry kibble diets
– why grain-free dry foods won’t solve any of your pet’s health problems, or keep them healthy
– a call-to-action to feed your pet fresh, raw food as nature intended
(Our second ebook on raw diets explains exactly how to do that: