First Aid Kit


Our First Aid Kit is a wonderful, well-presented, timber box, which contains most of the medicines needed to help you provide first aid for your animal.

There are 14 different homeopathic medicines, all in convenient liquid form as well as some Rescue Remedy, Lavender essential oil, and a number of miscellaneous items.

We include a detailed instruction card so that you can select the appropriate response with ease, empowering your to treat acute illnesses and injuries sustained at home until Veterinary advice can be sought.

See below for more a detailed outline of this wonderful kit.  A necessary item for every pet owner!


Pet First Aid Kit Homeopathy Essential Oils

Have you ever been in an emergency situation with your pet and wished you had a first aid kit at hand?  Something you could reach for and find exactly what you needed to provide relief for most acute conditions? Have you ever been woken up at 2am by your cat vomiting on your bed or your dog passing stinky diarrhoea? Then this is the kit for you!

This wonderful timber box has most of the medicines needed to help you provide first aid for your animal.

It includes:

  • 14 different homeopathic remedies to support your pet in most common first aid situations
  • Bach Flower rescue remedy useful for physical trauma or emotional shock
  • Lavender essential oil, one of the safest oils with a wide range of applications from stress to burns to infected eyes to wound care
  • Miscellaneous items, such as washing soda crystals in case you need to make your pet vomit, charcoal powder for poisonings, slippery elm powder to soothe irritated digestion, disinfectants, swabs and bandaging material
  • A map on the inside surface of the lid, which shows the location of everything contained so you can find what you need quickly and with ease
  • A handy instruction card, which details what you can use each item for, and how.

This kit can be used to treat everything from injuries, fever and pain, diarrhoea, bladder trouble, anxiety fright, punctures wounds, abscesses, bleeding or allergic reactions.

Pet, Cat & Dog First Aid Kit Homeopathy Essential Oils

The detailed instruction card included helps you to match your pet’s symptoms with the appropriate remedy to treat acute illnesses and injuries sustained at home until veterinary advice can be sought.  And all of the medicines are safe for humans too when used appropriately!

Dr Renee uses her kit with her three young children often, so much so that when her eldest daughter was asked to complete this sentence at school: “When I get sick I go to the _______”, she wrote “Vet”!

First Aid Kit - How to use

This kit will empower you to treat many acute ailments at home, and provide support for your pet until you are able to visit your Vet if needed.

In the below video Dr Henry Stephenson walks through our Essential Natural Remedies First Aid Kit explaining all 24 items included in the kit and how to use them. If you have already purchased the kit, or you are interested in learning more about the kit, then this video is essential viewing. This is also a great resource for you to reference at a later date if and when you need to accurately treat your own animal at home.