Want to Talk to the Animals?

Do you sometimes wonder what your pet is thinking
Are you experiencing any behavioural challenges with your pet? 
Would you like to connect with the animals in your life, and understand them more easily? 
Do you wish you could ‘talk to the animals‘?

We recently had the honour of hosting a workshop with Bianca de Reus, Animal Communicator and Mentor. She taught us about animal communication – what it is, why it’s important, and how you too can tune into your pet to experience a deeper, more loving and harmonious relationship together. Prior to the workshop Dr Renee interviewed Bianca, and asked her who inspired her on this path, what are the key skills you need to practice to develop such a talent, and how people can learn more.

This is a skill anyone can learn and if you want to know how, start by listening to this podcast!

Credit for the music ‘Feel the Love’ goes to our divine Dr Natalie Noble, Holistic Vet and talented Singer/Songstress/Musician with the voice of an Angel.