Stress-Free Walkies for Dogs

Stress Free Walkies for Dogs - Resized.JPG

In this episode Dr Renee shares why the typical walking experience for dogs needs to change, what it should look like, and how to achieve a stress-free walking experience that you and your dog can both enjoy.

Did you know that in one of the largest studies ever done on musculoskeletal injuries in dogs, there was a 91% correlation between any jerking on a collar and neck injuries?  And more than 60% of the dogs with skeletal injuries also had behavioural issues, likely due to the chronic pain they were experiencing?

It’s time to change the walking experience for dogs from potentially damaging to one of joy and delight.  Listen to this podcast, then watch our demo Youtube video ‘Dog Walking Tips‘ to learn how.

Credit for the music ‘Feel the Love’ goes to our divine Dr Natalie Noble, Holistic Vet and talented Singer/Songstress/Musician with the voice of an Angel.