Dr Renee – Why I became a Holistic Vet

In this introductory episode, Dr Renee shares why she became a Holistic Vet, what inspired her on this alternative path.

From aspiring Chopper Pilot in the Army, to a serendipitous meeting inspiring her to go to Vet School instead, Dr Renee’s path has been an interesting one.  Then within a year of graduating from the Bachelor of Veterinary Science, Dr Renee felt disillusioned with her conventional veterinary training. She embarked on an alternative path, studying Veterinary Homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine,  and spent countless hours researching nutrition. A dramatic personal experience concreted the stepping stones to become a Holistic Vet, and ultimately to open The Natural Vets in partnership with Dr Henry.  In this podcast she shares this personal story and inspiration for her journey.

Credit for the music ‘Feel the Love’ goes to our divine Dr Natalie Noble, Holistic Vet and talented Singer/Songstress/Musician with the voice of an Angel.