We understand that you want the best care for your pet but that you may require finance options and flexibility when it comes to bigger expenses like surgery and dental procedures.  To help we have partnered with two payment plan companies VetPay and OpenPay.

How do these companies compare?

Please visit https://vetpay.com.au/ and https://www.opy.com/au/ to compare their terms and make the decision that best suits your individual circumstances

How do these payment plans work?

1.  Apply for an account with VetPay or OpenPay and receive approval

2.  We will transfer your treatment costs direct to your VetPay or OpenPay account

3.  VetPay or OpenPay will cover the costs of treatment and begin your payment plan

4.  Enjoy peace of mind that your pet has received timely treatment on a payment plan that suits your budget

5. Call 07 54767674 to book your pets surgery or dental