Our approach at The Natural Vets is different from what you may have come to expect in a conventional veterinary practice.  Our Sunshine Coast Vet Clinic offers a unique service, spending more time with each patient than conventional Vets, taking an extensive case history, analysing the information provided (including past medical history and records), then devising and communicating a treatment plan specific for your pet’s needs.

To ensure the time spent in consultation with us is as effective as possible, we suggest that every new client undertake the following steps:

1. Book a tour of our clinic.  If you are scheduling an appointment for a dog, bring him (or her) along with you on the tour, so that he has a chance to become familiar with the environment and staff before his first veterinary visit.  This gives us a chance to spoil your pet with lots of tasty treats and scratches, ensuring their first visit is a positive one.

Natural Vets Foyer Holistic Vet II

If you are calling to make your first appointment and need to be seen urgently, you are welcome to tour the clinic immediately prior to your first appointment if we have staff available.  Please notify us when you arrive if you would like to tour the practice.

2. Read over our website before your first appointment, to ensure you have a thorough understanding of our approach, the treatment modalities we offer, changes you may need to commit to (such as modifying your pet’s diet or exercise regime) and the holistic healing process.

3. Have your pet’s previous medical records, including vaccination record, past or current medications, and any laboratory or other diagnostic tests results, sent to us prior to the first appointment, or bring it along on the day.  This gives us a complete picture of your pet’s health status, and helps us better understand the history and timeline leading to any health problems.

4. Do not feed your pet the morning of the visit, and do not bath your pet or clean their ears for at least 3 days prior.  Having an empty tummy means that your pet is more likely to be hungry for treats at the clinic, and not grooming them means we get to see your pet in their natural state, which helps us determine which treatments are most likely to be effective.

5. Ensure your pet is leashed (dogs) or caged (cats and other critters) when visiting the clinic.  There may be other pets waiting to visit us at the clinic, and it is best if all pets are restrained to minimise the potential for problems or stressful interactions.  When inside the consulting room your pet will be free to explore.

Natural Vets Foyer Holistic Vet

6. Arrive for your appointment 5-10 minutes beforehand.  If you have a dog, take some time to let them sniff and explore outside the clinic before coming in.  This gives them a toilet opportunity, and the act of sniffing is very calming for dogs and so makes for a smoother introduction to a new place.  Once inside, we will make sure we have recorded all the data we need, then take some time to breathe, relax, and allow your pet to become familiar with our healing space.  Please be on time for your appointment, as we do our very best to run to schedule so that subsequent appointments are not kept waiting.

When our Vet is ready, you will join them in a consultation room.  Please take a seat and allow your pet freedom to explore the room unleashed.  Our Vet will ask you many questions about your pet, including details about past and present complaints, behaviour, lifestyle, and vaccination history, then your pet will receive a complete physical examination.  If you are visiting us with a well pet, the first consultation usually takes between 30-45 minutes.  A consultation for a pet presenting for chronic or complex disease or behaviour reasons usually takes at least 60 minutes.


At the end of the first consultation, you will be advised when recheck appointments are to be scheduled and the first revisit appointment will be made.  Regular contact is advised for optimal results, as the healing journey for chronically ill pets usually takes time and evolves in stages.  Once our treatment recommendations have been discussed, we will email you a treatment plan so that you understand exactly what is required.  It is then up to you to commit to the healing process and ensure follow-up appointments are kept so that we can manage your pet’s ongoing care effectively.

Please maintain regular contact after your first appointment, so we can monitor how your pet is responding to the treatment, and assist you to make any necessary changes with ease.  Our consultation fee includes a free follow-up call within 48 hours with one of our Nurses, a follow-up call or email from the Vet if required, and regular phone and email support from our Nurses should you need it.


We see clients from all across the Sunshine Coast and many of our clients also travel from further afield as far as Brisbane and Toowoomba to have their pets cared for by our holistic team.  We look forward to welcoming you to our Sunshine Coast Holistic Vet Clinic.