Why would you choose to visit The Natural Vets at Forest Glen?

There are many reasons why pet people choose us as their preferred Sunshine Coast Vet.

  • Our clinic is a warm and welcoming place
  • Our team consists of dedicated, passionate staff who genuinely care
  • We can guide your pet on the path back to health using gentle but powerful healing modalities

Some animals start out receiving holistic veterinary attention, and are set on their Path to Wellness from a young age. Others come to us after many years of receiving conventional veterinary advice and treatment and may be dissatisfied with the results, or simply seeking an alternative. Some pets come here because their people choose natural healing modalities for themselves and it makes sense to do the same for their pets.  Some clients receive the dreaded ‘Cancer’ diagnosis at their regular Vet, and decide to seek out therapies that will support their pet to heal, or at least enjoy the time they have left.  Others come just because we are their local Vet.  Whatever the reason, we love that our clients are seeking to make conscious choices about their pet’s health and that we can be part of their pet’s Wellness Journey.

What to expect at The Natural Vets:

Our approach at The Natural Vets is different from what you may have come to expect in a conventional veterinary practice.  Our Sunshine Coast Vet Clinic offers a unique service, spending more time with each patient than conventional Vets, taking an extensive case history, analysing the information provided, then devising and communicating a treatment plan specific for your pet’s needs that is designed to address the root cause of their disease, and return them to a state of robust health!

Before we share how to become a part of our community, here’s a little personal story from Dr Renee that inspired her to walk the path of Holistic Vet and Healer:

“I wasn’t one of those kids that grew up desperate to become a Vet. I had always had a natural connection with animals, but graduated high school unsure of a career direction.  I thought I might become a Chopper Pilot, but when a family friend returned from the UK on a working holiday as a Vet, decided to try Vet School instead.

The Vet School years were fun, challenging, interesting, but within a year of graduating I felt incredibly limited by my conventional medical training. I felt like a pharmaceutical dispensary, when almost anything that came through the door walked out with prescription drugs – either antibiotics, cortisone, or anti-inflammatories, or a combination of the above!  I decided to take a different path, and started studying veterinary homeopathy, and then Chinese herbal medicine, and promoting raw diets and minimal vaccination schedules.  The something happened that fueled this kindling fire.

In 2008, my very own cat who was half raw, half kibble fed, was affected by an irreversible paralysis.  A pet food recall ensued, and the kibble, whose tagline was ‘Nourish as Nature Intended’ had been the direct cause.  Sadly there was no cure and I had to euthanase my very own cat, as a result of this pet food disaster.

This experience inspired me to eliminate all toxic foods and drugs from my pets’ (and children’s!) lives, support my clients to do the same, and ultimately, to open a holistic vet practice together with Dr Henry – The Natural Vets.”

Natural Vets Foyer Holistic Vet II

How to become a client:

  • Be sure our vision aligns with yours.  We seek to get all pets on their Path to Wellness, and this may require some effort and patience on your part.  If you are looking for a quick fix, or don’t want to feed your pet as nature intended, we are probably not the clinic for you.
  • If you live locally and are bringing a dog in to see us, try to visit the clinic with your dog PRIOR to your first appointment with your pet.  This gives your pet a chance to become familiar with us before the veterinary visit, helping him to build trust in our team.  We get a chance to spoil your pet with lots of tasty treats and scratches, before having to stick a thermometer up their bottom.  You can even request a clinic tour so your pet can sniff their way around the clinic before they decide if they want to come back again.
  • Call us on (07) 5476 7674 to book your pet’s first appointment.  Have your pet’s previous medical records, including vaccination record, past or current medications, and any laboratory or other diagnostic tests results, sent to us prior to the first appointment.  This gives us a complete picture of your pet’s health status, and helps us better understand the history and timeline leading to any health problems.


Natural Vets Foyer Holistic Vet


Please see our page on ‘Veterinary Consultations‘ for more information on why to visit us, what to expect, and how we can help.  We look forward to welcoming you and your pet to our Sunshine Coast Holistic Vet Clinic.