Louie is a 3yo Bichon X who has suffered from allergy symptoms most of his short life. Within one month of receiving his adult ‘booster’ vaccination he developed a hot spot, and another month later he developed an ear infection. Both of these were treated by the regular Vet with suppressive conventional medications.

Soon after he started itching and this was managed over the subsequent two years with repeated bouts of cortisone medications – both oral and topical. He would settle a little whilst on the steroids, but once they were stopped his symptoms would return. ‘Apoquel’, a drug that breaks the allergy cascade, was recommended, but the family decided to seek holistic veterinary advice as they were concerned about the potential side effects of long-term drug therapy.

We saw Louie just before his third birthday. He was overweight because of the previous cortisone therapy, and was reported to tire quickly with exercise, puffing and panting after only short walks.  At the time of consultation his skin was pink and hot all over, especially around his tail and anus.  His diet had previously been Hill’s Science Diet, with recent changes to more ‘natural’ brands including Ivory Coat and Meals for Mutts hypoallergenic foods.  A raw food, single novel protein, hypoallergenic diet made from goat was prescribed to determine whether a food allergy or intolerance was contributing to Louie’s symptoms. An essential fatty acid supplement was provided.

Louie Rose - allergy symptoms cortisone vaccination vaccinesTwo different homeopathic remedies were given, one as a single high dose, and one to take home to give twice daily. A Chinese herbal powder for intense itching was prescribed, one that also clears Blood Heat which can result from injectable vaccines. An ointment was also made up for Louie from calendula and essential oils that could be used topically to provide symptomatic relief.

Louie had some minor gastric upsets during the diet transition and again about one month later, but he loved his new diet despite this. His desire to itch and scratch reduced, and he was no longer breaking his skin open. At his recheck appointment he had lost some weight and his energy levels had improved. A new Chinese herbal powder was incorporated into his treatment regime to provide some gut support, and a probiotic prescribed. The homeopathic remedy that had been given at home was repeated in a single high potency dose as it had done so much good and fitted his symptoms well.

At the end of the hypoallergenic diet trial Louie’s allergy symptoms were well under control. He is now on his third protein challenge and his skin continues to be happy, which means he is too!

Note that all of Louie’s symptoms started within a few months of receiving an adult ‘booster’ vaccination. This vaccine likely aggravated his immune system, and may not have been needed had a titre test been done first to assess his antibody status. A minimal vaccination and titre testing protocol was devised to ensure Louie’s future protection while avoiding further aggravations to his delicate immune system.