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At The Natural Vets, we work very hard to serve every pet we see by setting them up for a lifetime of wellness. And now, we have some exciting news to share! Our Path to Wellness webinars are ready to launch.

This is your opportunity to join us on your pet’s wellness journey, learning the necessary foundational elements to support your pet’s long-term health and vitality. This series will empower you to make the correct health and lifestyle choices for your pet, and has been developed for both cat and dog families.

Covering topics of fundamental importance including:
* The problems with processed pet foods
* How to feed a balanced, natural diet
* How to minimise toxic inputs, such as unnecessary vaccines
* Minimal vaccination protocols and how to incorporate titre testing to ensure your pet is protected
* Natural parasite prevention alternatives
* Other sources of toxicity and how to avoid them
* How to support detoxification with fasting and reduced feeding windows
* Correct exercise type and equipment
* Stress, anxiety and emotional balance
* The use of essential oils in the home
* Natural first aid kit necessities for the home emergency
* The true cause of chronic disease
* How to access holistic veterinary support Australia-wide
* Stress-free vet visits!

The Natural Vets Wellness Webinars Dog Optimal HealthThese webinars, hosted by Dr Renee, will be delivered at a scheduled time over 6 consecutive weeks with 45 minutes learning time and 15 minutes at the end for questions.

Every session will be recorded, so those who can’t attend can watch whenever suits their individual schedule. For those who can’t attend live, your questions can still be answered! Each week, Dr Renee will invite your questions when the resources on that week’s topic are emailed directly to you.

Path to Wellness Webinars