There have been recent reports implicating Seresto flea and tick collars purchased in the USA in adverse chemical events in some pets.

The reported incidence rate is <0.3% of sales since 2012 which is a very low percentage, however some reported events include serious adverse reactions. The percentage of reports of adverse events within Australia is even lower.

Seresto collars contain two main active ingredients – flumethrin (a synthetic pyrethroid considered one of the safer chemical options for killing fleas & ticks) and imidacloprid (a neonicotinoid insecticide that affects the nervous system of insects but not mammals).

The chemicals spread by slow-release technology through the fur and skin of your pet.

It does not contaminate your hands or your environment and is considered by default to be one of the safer chemical products on the market.

Are Seresto Flea Tick Collars Safe


For now we are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Currently the EPA have not recalled the product from the market in the USA or placed a warning label on the packaging.

Other flea/tick preventatives (including Bravecto, Credelio, Nexgard & Nexgard Spectra, Simparica and Revolution Plus) have had warning labels placed by the FDA since 2018 with regards to serious adverse effects including seizures that have also occurred in people handling these medications.

The prevention of tick paralysis is a topical minefield. If a paralysis tick attaches to your pet and is not discovered within 48 hours, your pet can develop a rapidly progressive fatal paralysis.

Many areas of the Sunshine Coast, especially bush, rural and hinterland zones, carry a high tick risk.

Of all the chemical preventatives on the market, Seresto is one of the most innocuous and therefore one of only two chemical products we recommend.

The only other chemical preventative we endorse is Frontline spray, which needs to be sprayed over your pet’s entire body every 3 weeks for effective tick prevention. We recommend wearing gloves and a mask when applying the Frontline to your pet especially if you have any chemical sensitivities yourself. Once applied, the chemical odour dissipates within an hour. Frontline spray applications can also be done at the clinic for a fee.

If your pet has an adverse reaction to a Seresto collar, call 1800226324 to lodge a report and Bayer will provide a refund.

If you would prefer to use non-toxic natural preventatives, we recommend booking an in-clinic, phone or video NURSE CONSULT to discuss our recommended chemical-free barrier system.