lab-in-dry-grassWhen a body becomes ill it will produce symptoms in an attempt to repair itself.

A strong, healthy body will deal with most germs and even with most injuries (after surgery is done to do the stitching etc.) and repair itself back to 100%. In this process symptoms will appear. These symptoms are the body trying to repair as best it can.

The true and correct thing to do if we are to cure and help a body with treatment is to look very closely at what the body is trying to do, then look very closely at WHY the body is trying to do that and then HELP it to do that. No two bodies will repair in the exact same way and we need to add strength in different ways depending on the symptoms presenting.

Conventional medicines specialise in taking away symptoms not in strengthening the being. The assumption right from the start is that the body is ignorant and THIS IS INCORRECT and so we must stop the pain/reaction/discharge/fever.

I will give some examples of the different ways of thinking about treatment.

So if we get a splinter in the skin, pus will appear and the splinter will get pushed out in the form of an abscess. Both schools of medicine will first say get the splinter out, however after that is out a normal body will heal over without issues. Usually conventional thinking will also use an antibiotic at this point-just in case there is a weakness in the immune system and some germs take over. The antibiotics naturally upset the gut bacteria and the liver and kidney as they are digested so we end up worse or weaker at the end of the sickness.

This is not how things should be! We are meant to be stronger at the end of a disease process. Some foreign substance comes into our body we check it out, make antibodies to expel it and wipe out the germs then heal over. If we do that by strengthening up we can then do it better next time.

Another example would be if we ate some food that was rotten we may get diarrhoea and vomiting as the body expels the substance from our system.  Now conventional thinking may be to stop the vomiting with an anti-vomiting drug and then give antibiotics to kill the germ, and then some anti-diarrhoeal medication to slow the bowel and firm the stool. So the symptoms are stopped, but no repair or strength has been added at all, in fact the power of the body has been taken away.  This often allows the problem germs to NOT be expelled as they should.

What should be done here is to give some herbs to soothe irritation in the gut, and some homeopathic medicine to strengthen the body so IT can kill the germs ITSELF.  We may also use some probiotics to add in healthier gut bacteria. We have billions and billions of bacteria in our gut and they will sort out bad guys if they are strong.  Often in this scenario fasting is also required, as the body should not have to deal with more input when it is trying to expel a problem, it is better to allow complete rest including digestive rest.  It is proven that fasting boosts the function of the immune system and fasting has been used by animals and humans for thousands of years as a self-cure tool.  Most animals become naturally reluctant to eat when they are unwell and we should honour their natural bodily wisdom.

Another case may be if our pets exert themselves too much they may cause an injury that requires rest. We all want no restriction. Our animals are the same. “Just take away the pain so I can keep running and jumping!” With the allopathic system of medicine we assume that the body is doing something wrong by making the pain and so we give an anti- inflammatory. This takes out the pain then we can keep running about, but has it cured? Has any strength been added at all from the anti-inflammatory? No. It actually has to get digested once again via the liver and kidney, and may even cause bleeding in the gut as well.  What’s more, with the pain removed from the picture it is more likely that the person or animal will do more than they should and make the injury worse.  In this situation at our surgery, we may help clear blockages in the meridian system with some acupuncture and then give some herbs to help the body heal, and perhaps a homeopathic medicine to stimulate the deep immune system.

Surprisingly we often find that bodies will heal FASTER if we stimulate them and work with them, and will be stronger in the long-term.

– Dr Henry