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Each animal and human on this planet are given a certain amount of strength with which to deal with all the stresses and forces that they will come up against during their trip here.

I think of this strength as being like a bucket. It contains a certain amount of chi or vital essence which we can fill or empty with the things we do, as well as the things that the world and our life does to us.

For our animals if we feed them too much junk food their bucket will run low, and if we feed fresh raw things it will add into the bucket. If we use drugs just to take symptoms away instead of strengthening the body so that IT can take the symptoms away, then we drain the bucket. If we use things like herbs and acupuncture and homeopathy, then we add into their bucket.  If we use too many vaccinations it will also drain the bucket. Too many poisonous parasite medicines, too little exercise, too little care and attention and so on.

Some animals will get a small thing done and their bucket will be immediately empty. I have seen this happen, where only 1 cortisone injection was given and an animal will become diabetic, or only 1 vaccination was given and the animal will have skin disease that will not stop. Understanding about the bucket can help when you see that not everyone will die from a given disease, or not everyone will get badly hungover if they drink too much beer and eat junk food.

As an alternative vet I spend a lot of my working life reading through the past medical histories of animals and it will be amazing what some dogs will have had go wrong, and what astounding amounts of medicines and surgeries and vaccinations and X rays etc that some animals have had, and yet they seem to recover from things well and march on as strong as ever. They have been given a large full bucket. Eventually even their bucket will be empty, and often it will be from a minor thing. Owners will often say that has been done previously and it didn’t cause trouble last time it was done! No but at that time there was more vitality in the bucket. Usually the bucket will naturally become more empty as we age as well. The Chinese call this vital essence Jing and say that we are given only a certain amount to spend at birth.

I saw this situation again this week where a dog has had a full C5 vaccination done each year with no issues, but this time he had allergic skin disease treated with cortisone in the month prior to the vaccination. This had emptied his bucket and made him more susceptible to another force. Then his usual vaccination was done and within 2 days he began having seizures which could not be controlled with the usual drugs.

The manner in which each system presents symptoms when the bucket is empty, determines which treatments are needed to put some vitality back into that being. Homoeopathically, if a system makes cancerous lumps easily we may use a cancer remedy like Carcinosin and if it makes skin disease with heat we may use a remedy like Sulphur. Sulphur beings tend to have quite a large full bucket and Carcinosin beings tend to have a smaller empty bucket of vitality. By giving their homeopathic constitutional remedies, good foods, strengthening herbs and acupuncture we can fill their buckets rather than deplete them.

– Dr Henry