Feeding a Raw Natural Diet for Optimal Health

Feeding a natural diet is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure your pet’s long-term health and well-being.  But what exactly is a Natural Diet and how does it look in our modern world?

A Natural Diet is a diet that most closely mimics how a species would eat in the wild, what they have evolved on.  Meat, organ meats, bone, leafy green matter, fibre and a good source of fats – that’s what your domestic carnivore, cat or dog, needs to thrive.

You can achieve nutritional balance quite easily over the course of a week by feeding your pet a variety of raw, natural wholefoods.  Diced or minced meats form a large portion of the diet, but beware a diet based only on meat is NOT complete or balanced.  It is essential to include some organ meats and bones too as these provide essential vitamins and minerals that are otherwise missing from the diet.

All meals should also include some finely minced greens, such as parsley, sprouts, grasses (wheat or barley), beetroot or celery leaf, broccoli tops, sweet potato leaf, baby spinach, kale or edible weeds such as chickweed, cobbler’s pegs or dandelion.  Greens provide an excellent source of fibre as well as essential minerals and blood-cleansing phytonutrients.  Dogs thrive when roughly 20% of their meals are leafy green matter, or up to 30% for dogs needing to lose some weight. Cats require a much lower proportion of plant foods, usually around 5-10% is adequate.  Some cats will graze on pots of fresh herbs or wheatgrass if grown around the house.

You can formulate a complete and balanced diet yourself based on our recommendations, or you can feed complete and balanced raw foods prepared by a reputable company.  Organic Paws includes muscle and organ meats, green tripe with beneficial probiotics, and ground bone, in the perfect balance.  The Complete Pet Company also produce an excellent ethical raw meal free of factory-farmed meats.  Whoa Nelly! is another excellent raw food that contains a probiotic ferment and so is excellent for any pet transitioning to raw, as well as pets with a compromised or sensitive gut.  We stock all of these options at our clinic.  You can also source your own from reputable companies such as Inner Wolf .

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