So you have decided to make the change and feed your dog a raw, natural diet, but now you are wondering where to start?

First of all, follow our Transitioning to a Natural Diet rules.  These rules will assist your pet to handle the diet change without any gastrointestinal stress.

Secondly, make sure you have freezer space.  You will need it if you want to feed a raw diet.

Then go out and buy your supplies.  Meat, organ meats, green tripe, soft bones, leafy greens, and a small amount of ripe fruit.  Suitable cuts of meat can include turkey or chicken thighs, diced lean beef or lamb, whole fish (heads removed) such as mullet, or whole prey items such as rabbit.  Organ meats are also necessary, and be sure to source a variety that includes at the very least liver, heart, kidney and some green tripe (which due to current legislation can be difficult to find).

Soft edible bones will be needed after the first 2-4 weeks, and can include raw chicken carcasses, turkey necks, lamb ribs (brisket bones), lamb necks or kangaroo tails.  Avoid beef bones – they are too hard and will cause dental issues such as wearing down of teeth or slab fractures off the tooth surface.  It is a good idea to have your pet’s dental health checked first before offering bones, as any dental disease will cause mouth pain that will impede their ability to chew bone.

Pureed leafy green matter is also essential, and can include wheat or barley grass, parsley, sprouts, beetroot leaf, celery leaf, baby spinach, kale, edible weeds like chickweed, and sea vegetables like spirulina.

Most dogs also need a break from meat meals once or twice a week, either by fasting them for a full day, or by replacing one or two meals with low-calorie, high-fibre foods, such as a green smoothie, or some steamed or baked sweet potato or pumpkin, or some leftovers such as some rice or porridge or a vegetable soup.

So, over the course of a week, your dog’s menu may look like this:

Monday – Lean meat with added blended leafy greens

Tuesday – Lean meat with some organ meat and blended leafy greens, followed by a raw meaty bone

Wednesday – Baked sweet potato or pumpkin

Thursday – Lean meat with blended leafy greens

Friday – Lean meat with some organ meat and blended leafy greens, followed by a raw meaty bone

Saturday – Sardines and eggs, followed by a raw meaty bone

Sunday – Green smoothie or Fast


To ensure complete nutritional balance there are a few supplements we usually recommend when feeding a raw diet.  There are also many complete raw diet options out there for pets now as well, which can make life easier for people wanting to feed raw.  Visit us at the clinic to find out which supplements and complete raw foods we recommend.