You may have heard from your neighbour, friend, aunty, sister, or even your vet, that it’s not safe to feed pets raw food.

That all they need is dry food out of a fancy bag. It is complete and balanced after all.

Well that option is certainly convenient, easy, and cheap. Why wouldn’t you?

Well unless you want a fat dog, or a cat that ends up with diabetes, or many other of the conditions that afflict pets that are directly related to nutrition, you are going to want to feed raw.

But how can you do this confidently amongst the naysayers?

Well, you could try consulting the experts.

Dr Renee and the other Holistic Vets at The Natural Vets, like most Integrative Vets, has been recommending raw diets to most of her patients for nearly two decades now.  And guess what she has witnessed?  Raw diets help to CURE illness, not cause it.

On the flipside, she lost her very own cat to a processed pet food disaster in 2008, after a kibble caused an irreversible and debilitating paralysis.  This inspired a deep dive into the reality of the pet food industry, and a lifelong commitment to educate pet families how best to feed their pets.


The proposal that feeding raw is dangerous seems pretty ridiculous given that pets are DESIGNED for raw food. It’s what they have eaten for MILLENIA!

But some studies show raw fed pets shed high numbers of bacteria in their stool, even though they are healthy. (Well of course they appear healthy, they are raw fed!)

Guess what? There are bacteria everywhere. Processed pet foods and treats that are ‘sterile’ (ie free of bacteria) have been recalled due to pathogen contamination. And pets on processed kibble also demonstrate high levels of bacteria in their stool. So it is not just raw foods that carry bacteria.

What’s all the fuss about bacteria in stool anyway? Well it turns out these bacteria are resistant to most antibiotics – and this can pose a public health concern. Because if you (or your child) touch your dog’s bum, or cat’s poo, then forget to wash your hands and go eat your sandwich, you may ingest some antibiotic-resistant bacteria. But just for the record there are NO reports linking human illness to raw-fed pets.

The actual source of the problem of multi-drug resistant bacteria (MDROs) in raw fed dog stool is related to two things: incorrect feeding of dogs (ie high starch diets), and improper farming and processing of their food sources.  Most raw meat cuts (human and animal-grade) are highly contaminated with bacteria. This is not exclusive to pet food. If you buy chicken, or beef, or fish from a butcher or supermarket, there are oodles of bacteria on it.

Rest assured, despite the bacteria on raw meat, feeding your pet raw is highly unlikely to make them, or you sick.

In fact, there are VERY FEW documented cases of toxicity in pets fed raw diets (almost none in fact), and NO reports linking human illness with raw-fed pets.

If you handle raw meat for yourself, your family, or your pets you can easily spread bacteria around. You take the meat out of the package, get bacteria on your hands, then touch the handle of your tap, garbage bin, or kitchen cupboard… bacteria can reside there for hours and sometimes days. This is the most common means of human infection. NOT your raw fed pet.

Raw feeding is the most natural dietary choice for pets.

You can minimise any human health risk by:
feeding a commercially prepared raw that has excellent quality assurance – this greatly reduces the risk of pathogen contamination
practice safe raw food handling practices
* remember hygiene measures when cleaning up your pet’s stool
* if you have children, a pregnant lady or people with compromised immune systems in your household ensure they don’t handle your pet’s food or stool without taking appropriate hygiene measures
* use stainless steel food bowls for your pet’s meals
* discard any uneaten food after 20 minutes, then scrub their bowl clean.

So rest assured you can feed your pet raw, the diet they are intended to eat and keep both your pet, and your family, healthy.

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