Is your pet tired of eating sawdust out of a bowl? Have you noticed their fur isn’t looking too shiny? Their energy is down? Their breath is getting stinky?  Or their stools you have to clean up are bigger than they should be? These are all common problems we see in pets on processed pet foods!

At The Natural Vets we are passionate about Nutrition.  We advocate for real, raw food – the food your pets were designed by nature to thrive on!

To get your pet thriving a strong foundation for health is necessary and correct nutrition plays a huge part in that.  Before we change your pet’s life, here’s the inspiration for our dietary philosophy.

Within her first year of graduating from vet school Dr Renee started studying homeopathy and Chinese herbal medicine, and learning about raw diets and minimal vaccination schedules. Then something happened that provided fuel for this kindling flame.

In 2008, her very own cat who was half raw, half kibble fed, was affected by a pet food disaster that caused an irreversible paralysis. There was no cure, and sadly her naughty tortie ‘Venus’ had to be euthanased.

This firsthand experience of how devastating processed pet food can be for a pet’s health inspired a deep-dive investigation into the pet food industry.

Dr Renee now feeds only real raw food to her pets, and is passionate about educating other pet families to do the same.

Real, raw natural diets will support your pets to thrive, not just survive.  We stock only real raw food, and freeze-dried or gently air-dried complete raw foods at The Natural Vets for this reason.  You won’t find any bags of sawdust on our shelves!

If you want to change your pet’s health trajectory, book in for a nutrition consult today!  Our Holistic Nurses provide a customised diet plan that details your pet’s raw food menu – what foods to feed, how much of each food and how often, and how to transition your pet safely to raw food.  If your pet has an existing health condition, we recommend first having a consultation with one of our Holistic Vets.  Your pet’s diet plan will then be tailored to suit their unique health situation.

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The Natural Vets stock a wide range of unique ethically-produced pet foods, including: organic meaty bones sourced only from free-ranging animals, wild-prey equivalent food conveniently packaged in packets and cans, natural dog treats, essential supplements, ready-to-hydrate freeze dried biologically appropriate food, and frozen complete raw meals ready-to-serve for cats and dogs. Our dedicated Holistic Vets can discuss these options with you and assist you to tailor a natural diet that is both right for your pet and compatible with your lifestyle.