Our team consists of five passionate and dedicated Holistic Veterinarians: Dr Henry, Dr Renee, Dr Viki, Dr Natalie and Dr Cassie.

We see clients from all across the Sunshine Coast and many from further afield.  Clients travel from Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Hervey Bay and Rockhampton to have their pets cared for by our devoted team.

Dr Henry

The Natural Vets Sunshine Coast - Henry

Our Wise Wizard, Mentor and Daily Spiritual Advisor, who spends his days off meditating, mountain biking, hiking and driving around the country attending music gigs for his children’s various bands.

Dr Henry Stephenson graduated with Honours from the University of Queensland’s vet school in 1979. He has pursued further studies in various alternative modalities, including a Bachelor of Veterinary Homeopathy and IVAS (International Veterinary Acupuncture Society) accreditation to practice Acupuncture.

Dr Henry has guest lectured at the University of Queensland introducing vet studies to alternative modalities, and regularly contributes to numerous medical journals including the International Homeopathic Journal.

Dr Henry is a devoted Holistic Vet with an excellent reputation around Australia and the world for his dedication to the art of healing using homeopathy and alternative methods. He brings to The Natural Vets an immense depth of knowledge of the disease process and how to bring about a cure for every animal.

Dr Renee

The Natural Vets Sunshine Coast - Renee Elsa

Dr Renee didn’t always know she wanted to be a Vet. She thought she might become a paramedic Chopper Pilot but somehow ended up at Vet School instead. She left vet school with high hopes of curing all her patients’ ailments but within her first year of graduating discovered the limitations of conventional medical training. And so, Veterinary homeopathy, Chinese herbal medicine and nutrition became her areas of expertise, as well as emergency medicine and fixing grotty mouths with her dental prowess.

Walking the holistic veterinary path ultimately led her to open The Natural Vets with Dr Henry, where she could finally practice the veterinary care she had always dreamt of. Saving animals really does make her soul shine, and the balance of chronic curable illness, emergency cases, grotty mouths, cute puppies, and an incredibly dedicated team floats her boat every day.

When not healing your pets, Dr Renee can be found trying to beat her husband at muscle-up competitions, surfing longboard waves, SUPing, hiking, singing, playing music, writing songs, chasing after her three (human) wildlings, eating delicious vegan food, and living a limitless life of adventure.

Dr Viki

The Natural Vets Sunshine Coast - Viki

Our Hands-on Healer and World Traveller Extraordinaire, Viki has a natural way with animals who don’t mind her Hungarian accent. Viki spends her days off making herbal tinctures, riding horses with Tammy, collecting eggs, and managing her permaculture property which very nearly became overrun with chickens and turkeys.

Dr Viki is an Holistic Vet from Hungary who has made Australia her home. She has many years experience working as a Holistic Vet, having worked alongside Dr Rowan Kilmartin at Animal Options on the Gold Coast, and running her own integrative practice for five years in far north Queensland. Hands-on healing is her passion, and she is skilled at acupuncture, osteopathy, chiropractic care, muscle release and body balance techniques, as well as Chinese herbs and homeopathy. She is genuinely interested in ensuring the best outcome for every pet.

Dr Viki has made the Sunshine Coast her home and we are blessed to have another passionate and skilled Holistic Vet working with us.

Dr Natalie

Dr Natalie & Charlie - Essential Oils

Our Oil Queen who was the Mastermind behind the development of many of our essential oil products. Natalie is also a very talented musician who on her days off an be found strumming her guitar or ukelele and singing with the voice of an angel. She strives to live a sustainable life, treading gently on the earth.

Dr Natalie graduated with Honours from the University of Queensland’s vet school in 2011. She had already started becoming familiar with alternative modalities such as acupuncture and Chinese herbs for her and her pets’ own health. Dr Natalie then started her first job in Inverell where she was able to incorporate some complementary modalities working under a Vet who practiced acupuncture and advocated raw food diets.

Dr Natalie gained excellent surgical experience from the high case load of emergency patients ranging from caesarians to eye ulcers to leg amputations. She was also able to incorporate essential oils, Chinese herbs and Western herbs into the clinic’s treatment toolkit. Dr Natalie has completed a number of workshops and courses on acupuncture, Chinese herbs, essential oils and animal massage. She is passionate about essential oils in particular and was a welcome addition to our veterinary team here at the Natural Vets, bringing great energy and passion to the clinic.  In 2019 Dr Natalie had her gorgeous baby girl and is now back from maternity leave and available again for appointments.

Dr Kate

Country girl at heart, Dr Kate is a Veterinary Surgeon who graduated with Honours from the University of Queensland in 2012. She grew up on a beef cattle property in the bush and never adventured anywhere without at least one furry best mate by her side. Veterinary Science was her natural path, having always been drawn by its excitement, diversity and, of course, furry faces and wet noses. Kate’s life vision is to be the person her dogs think she is. To live every day embracing life the way her dogs do!

Upon graduating, she worked in mixed practice for three years in Australia before moving into small animal practice with a special interest in dermatology, canine behaviour, physiotherapy and nutrition. Overall Dr Kate’s passion is helping create a lifestyle for pets to maximise wellbeing through preventative health. She has recently returned home to Australia after two fantastic years of working and travelling the UK and Europe. Here she gained excellent experience in soft tissue surgery and emergency care, as well as expanding her knowledge of complementary holistic therapy benefits.

When not cuddling patients, you’ll find Kate outdoors exploring bush tracks with her Kelpie and Border Collie, strumming the guitar, reading, SUPing, 4wding, spluttering back onto her surfboard, or stuck in an awkward yoga pose. Kate’s every movement intends to tread lightly on planet earth, leaving everything a little better than she found it.

Dr Danielle

Dr Danielle Holistic Vet Sunshine CoastDr Danielle graduated from the University of Queensland in 1997 with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science with Honours and a Bachelor of Veterinary Biology with Distinction. She was raised using only natural health principles and her goal has always been to practice holistically so working at The Natural Vets feels like coming home. Since graduation she has expanded and consolidated her experience working in small animal, equine and mixed practice in Brisbane and in England. She has developed special interests in emergency, general and preventative medicine and in optimising the health of pets by addressing the underlying causes of chronic ill health.

She holds a Graduate Diploma in Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine, undertaken over two years of formal study, and is excited to offer animal naturopathy and veterinary medical herbalism along with homoeopathy, Chinese herbal medicine and nutritional medicine. She has a balanced and holistic perspective and can draw from the strengths of both complimentary and western medical systems of healing. She is passionate about integrating the best of these to achieve optimal outcomes for my patients.

Dr Danielle loves living in the Hinterland with her two wonderful boys along with 7 miniature cows, 6 horses, 4 chooks, 3 dogs, 1 cat and 1 snake. She lives off grid and divides her time between caring for her land, horseback adventures in the forests and hills around home, and exploring the Sunshine Coast’s spectacular coastline and beaches.

Dr Cassie

The Natural Vets Sunshine Coast - CassieOn her days off you will find Dr Cassie practising yoga, hiking through forests, chasing waterfalls, swimming in the ocean, growing her own food and medicine, taking weekend trips in her van or just lazing around home with her Maine Coon, Ragdoll and Border Collie.

Dr Cassie graduated with Honours from the University of Queensland’s Vet school in 2012. The following year, she remained at the University of Queensland’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital to complete a rotating internship. During this year she worked under the supervision of specialists to develop her skills in internal medicine, surgery, radiology, emergency and critical care.

She spent the following three years in a busy general practice clinic in North Brisbane. Over time she started feeling disheartened and frustrated that she could not provide her patients with the standard of care that she had once envisioned. Realising that this was due to the limitations of conventional medicine, Dr Cassie packed her bags and moved to Byron Bay in 2016, hoping to match her career aspirations working as a Holistic Veterinarian.

Dr Cassie was fortunate to gain employment alongside Dr Megan Kearney, a very experienced Holistic Veterinarian at Vitality Vetcare. After seeing the benefits of proper nutrition and natural therapies on her patients, she became passionate about holistic veterinary care. She has since completed introductory courses in western herbal medicine and essential oils and is currently completing her Diploma in Western Herbal Medicine through CIVT.  We are blessed and honoured to have the delightful Cassie join our team of dedicated professionals.

Dr Cassie is currently on maternity leave and we look forward to welcoming her back when she is ready.

The Natural Vets are a full service veterinary clinic integrating traditional western medicine with alternative therapies on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. If you would like to make an appointment with one of our fabulous vets please call 07 54767674 or reserve your appointment online: BOOK NOW