Launch Your Veterinary Career Right


Want to launch your career right?  Well get ready for take-off.

We have an amazing opportunity for a stand-out new graduate.

Why is it so amazing?

You Will Discover An Holistic Approach To Patient Care

  • You will be supported to incorporate holistic skills into your practice
  • You will learn how to prescribe real food diets, minimise unnecessary vaccines and use medicines that support your patients to heal
  • You will encounter unique modalities that clients are increasingly seeking across the globe

You Will Be Supported Every Step of the Way

  • Shadowing our experienced veterinarians for at least 3 weeks
  • No sole charge for 3 months
  • Thereafter, sole charge only on Saturday mornings with a mentor only a phone-call away
  • Professional development meetings & case discussions with our experienced Veterinarians
  • A high Support Staff to Vet ratio (there are always extra hands available to help)
  • No money discussions with clients! Our Nurses take care of this so you can focus on your passion for treating animals and making the best ethical recommendations for your patients.

Your Professional and Technical Growth Will Be Encouraged

  • We have a varied hospital & surgical case load to advance your skills
  • You will be empowered to work up cases in line with exceptional standards of veterinary medicine
  • You will have the opportunity to advance your proficiency in dentistry and surgery
  • We will encourage you to develop areas of interest as you grow
  • Further studies and development in holistic modalities fully supported
  • You will receive on the ground mentoring by the top Holistic Vets in this field
  • And an added bonus – tick season will hone your emergency skills!

You Will Become Part of A Rockstar Team

Anyone can say that but:

  • Our primary vision is to make The Natural Vets a compelling place to both visit and work
  • Every team member in our practice is expected to bring value, to grow and to become a part of something that we consider exceptional within the industry
  • We have developed a high-performing team of highly skilled nurses always ready to lend a hand
  • We engage in regular team building exercises – an adventurous spirit is essential! Music skills are optional.

 You Will Be Rewarded Personally For Your Efforts

We believe you should work to live and not live to work. What that means is:

  • Our roster is designed to support you to thrive
  • NO after-hours calls and NO Sundays – switch your phone off!

You will also enjoy:

  • 4 weeks paid Annual Leave
  • 1 week paid CE/Study Leave
  • Veterinary Surgeons Board Registration fees paid by us
  • A generous starting Salary + Super, then periodic pay rises based on performance
  • Financial support towards further study
  • Sunshine Coast lifestyle – living the dream!

 But Don’t Just Believe Us…

Here’s what one of our vets has to say:

“I love working at The Natural Vets for so many reasons. I am passionate about wholistic veterinary medicine where we get to the cause of the disease in the patient and support them to heal. I’ve also come to realise that the most important part of working in a veterinary practise is the way it’s managed and the team you work with. I look forward to going to work each day because I genuinely enjoy working with the team. I find the case load challenging keeping me interested and always learning and the clients are a pretty great bunch of people too. So not only do I get to follow my passion in integrative natural medicine but the people and practice itself is a pleasure to work for.” – Dr Natalie

 Next Steps

We are looking for someone with the potential to grow with us and become an exceptional, high performing Holistic Vet.

We are looking for someone with passion, enthusiasm and an excitement to learn and grow.

We are looking for someone keen to think outside the box.

If what you read excites you, then follow the below instructions:
– send a short video introducing yourself to
– attach your CV to the email
– ensure you include 3 referees

Holistic Vet Nurse Recruitment - resized

Holistic Veterinarian

Life-Changing Opportunity Awaits!

Are you ready to make the most important career decision you have made to date?

Perhaps you are tired of conveyor-belt medicine? Of trying to develop rapport, assess your patients, perform diagnostics and come up with treatment plans all in 15 minutes or less?  Are you starting to question blanket vaccination schedules and the prevalence of pred prescriptions?

Do you dream of working in a practice where extended consults are the norm, individualised treatment plans are standard, and integrated solutions are expected?

Welcome to The Natural Vets!

The Natural Vets is a leading full-service integrative practice located on the Sunshine Coast.  We pride ourselves on proactive medicine, exceptional standards of care and outstanding client experiences.  And we are ready for another vet to join our team!

If your ideal workspace encourages outside-the-box thinking, supports ongoing professional and personal development, and enables lifestyle balance, this could be the life-changing opportunity you have been dreaming of.

AND we are located in one of the most beautiful parts of Australia. It’s impossible not to be happy living here!

If this opportunity excites you, email your CV & cover letter to our Practice Manager Tenielle at who will be in contact to arrange the next steps.

You will be perfect for this role if you are super keen to integrate complementary therapies into your toolkit and are passionate about proactive health care.

We are looking for someone with the potential to grow with us.  We are looking for someone with passion, curiosity, and commitment.

If that is you, Carpe Diem!

New/recent grads with a genuine interest in holistic medicine are welcome to apply.

Holistic Nurses

We currently have a full team of support staff and are not looking to expand.

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