Our Green Business Credentials (Leaving a small pawprint!)

Veterinary clinics are not traditionally associated with eco principles. Often a large amount of wastage is involved in medical practice, as a result of single-use products being necessary such as needles and syringes . Many veterinary clinics rely on a plethora of toxic substances, cleaning the hospital with toxic chemicals, and prescribing numerous drugs and preventatives that can add to your pet’s toxic load.

The Natural Vets at Forest Glen on the Sunshine Coast are determined to forge a different path, one conducive to health and healing in the workplace, for animals, their guardians, and the dedicated staff attending to them.


In a practical sense this means we do a number of things differently at The Natural Vets:

  • We treat animals using primarily natural methods, and use products from companies that have excellent quality assurance in place
  • We carefully select our products or merchandise to minimise damage to the earth’s crucial ecosystems
  • We promote a wholefoods, organic diet for companion pets
  • We use only filtered drinking water both for the humans and the pets we see
  • We are solar-powered
  • We have chosen low-VOC paints and flooring materials
  • We have retained existing large windows to let sunlight and fresh air in
  • We have a composting system in place so that all organic food waste can be returned to the earth
  • We use non-toxic cleaning products wherever possible
  • We are striving to reduce paper reliance, utilising email and immediate data entry for our record-keeping, invoicing, patient care sheets and reminder systems
  • We have a daily staff huddle where we share some inspiration for our day ahead and get everyone ready to rock!

eco-friendly-seal-greenCome and visit us in our healing space soon, to learn how your pets can return to their natural state of health, while leaving a lighter footprint on the earth.