Our support team consists of these delightful humans: Amanda, Tammy, Emma, Eliza, Bec, Veronika, Chenoa, Sophie, Katarina & Tristan – all experienced holistic veterinary nurses, as well as our receptionist Sara and our Saturday junior Skye.


The Natural Vets Sunshine Coast - AmandaOur Wildlife Warrior and most loyal and long-term staff member, Amanda shares her home with three noisy and idiosyncratic Conure parrots and two Burmese cats, and enjoys walking in nature and bird spotting. She would love to live a quiet life in the country with a house full of parrots, cats and native plants.

“I have always loved animals, and started working as a voluntary nurse at Byron Bay Veterinary Surgery. I volunteered for a short time and then they employed me! I was also caring for wildlife at the time – possums, bandicoots, bats, a koala and many varieties of wild birds. I then decided to have a change and moved to the Sunshine Coast, where I was employed by Henry Stephenson at Kawana Waters Veterinary Clinic. I was able to continue my passion for vet nursing and was also introduced to homeopathy and alternative medicine.

“Throughout the years working with Henry my fur family consisted of a German Shepherd and two Burmese cats, they all lived extremely long lives due to the veterinary care they were given.  I am now owned by three cheeky Conure parrots , Bobby, Ribbit and Pineapple – two rescues and a stray. This has broadened my interest in wild birds at another level again, as pet birds are still wild in their heart and soul. Walking in nature and learning more about wildlife are my interests, together with my garden, cooking and sharing good food with friends and family.”


The Natural Vets Sunshine Coast - TammyBeautiful soul Tammy, our other most loyal and long-term staff member who started with us when Henry and Renee opened The Natural Vets’ doors. Tammy spends her days off horse-riding in the bush, is known to have an allergic reaction when she eats green sprouts, and hates having her photo taken. Everyone loves Tammy, especially our canine patients who know she always has a pocket full of treats ready for them!

“I first began working for Henry many moons ago. I have a love of all creatures great and small and have gained extensive knowledge on natural therapies by working alongside Dr Henry and Dr Renee. When not off horse riding you can find me hibernating at home with husband Jamie, wild child Summer and our menagerie of animals…..3 dogs, 5 horses and 4 very cheeky cows.

“I feel very lucky to work with such a dedicated and passionate team of professionals who I class as friends and I love coming to work each and every day.”


The Natural Vets Sunshine Coast - Emma

Our Turquoise Mermaid, Emma loves to keep our clinic organised, tidy and free of clutter and works with incredible speed and efficiency – if you want to GSD you ask Emma! Emma is an exceptionally skillled veterinary Nurse, who gained her certification through the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in London in 1993. When not returning to her UK homeland to visit family, Emma spends her holidays pretending to be a mermaid scuba diving in tropical waters amongst the coral, fish and sea life.

“I have worked in various large and small animal general practices in the UK and Australia, including Specialist Ophthalmic, Orthopaedic and Feline Centres before discovering my passion for holistic Veterinary Care at The Natural Vets. I love the beautiful Sunshine Coast lifestyle and been a part of The Natural Vets since 2015 – joining the team just a few months after the doors were officially opened.

“I am known as the clinic Cat Whisperer and regularly practice this skill with my Harry Bear! 😂 (or Prince Harry as he is sometimes called). With a talent for fixing or renovating things, I am usually the first one called upon when the clinic computers/printers/fridge/freezers/equipment break down, and am known to carry pliers and a tape measure in my handbag. When not at work, you will find me not far from the sea.”


The Natural Vets Sunshine Coast - ElizaOur Intuitive Rabbit, Eliza always knows when something might be wrong with a patient and is quick to respond with compassion and care. She spends her days off paddle boarding with her two dogs William and Esky and may also be found chasing after the mischievous but gorgeous William dog who loves being off leash so much he doesn’t always come back! 

“What attracted me to a holistic practice:
Nature, energy, and plants heal!!!

I have always had a strong interest in natural therapies for myself and a passion for animals and wanted to work in both fields. When I discovered The Natural Vets clinic it was my dream job as I could combine the two! I cut out the advertisement for the business and stuck it on my fridge and everyday told myself “this is my job” and 4 months later I was blessed and hired by Renee. The power of affirmations 😊

How I became a nurse:
I grew up in Tasmania and was always taking in stray animals and I finding animals that would turn up at my doorstep. I worked as a stable hand in Hobart and did some volunteering at the RSPCA. I moved to Queensland in 2014 and did some volunteering in the wildlife centres before I found The Natural Vets clinic. Being a Vet Nurse makes my heart sing. I love it because it is so rewarding.

When I am not working I will be anywhere outdoors in nature. I love the ocean and running in the rainforest with my two furry besties: Esky and William.

My pets: Esky: our rescue Kelpie x who is the loudest and boldest in our family. She is sporty spice and loves a competition.
William: our Kelpie x is a dreamer and the socialite of the family. Always up for a party, everyone tells us he is handsome including William.”


The Natural Vets Sunshine Coast - TristanEveryone’s Soul Brother, Tristan has a gorgeous heart underneath the rough exterior of tattoos and loves to take care of everyone. A Star Wars and Harry Potter fan, Tristan was originally employed as Dr Renee’s Nanny and proved himself to be highly skilled at managing wild creatures (kids provide the best training ground for that!). And so, he was offered a job at The Natural Vets!

“Animals have always been a part of my life from a young age. I was forever bringing them home, or nagging my family for more. I have loved them all from the crustacean to the canine, from the rat to cat, and bird and fish. One of the most beautiful experiences was recently having the opportunity to raise a native Spangled Drongo and soft releasing it. I have a strong connection with the North American wild wolves being born in the Chinese year of the dog, and love looking after all our patients here at The Natural Vets.

“I was attracted to working with Holistic Vets as it aligns with my core value of doing no harm. Holistic veterinary work uses the same techniques and medicines that I have been using for myself and my children for many years and so I have seen how effective it can be.”

Sadly Tristan had to move to the Gold Coast to support his growing young family. He now works mostly off-site answering our phones eveyr morning and responding to all your emails. You can find him in the clinic on alternate fridays.


The Natural Vets Sunshine Coast - BecAnother highly skilled and compassionate Nurse, Bec has also trained in acupuncture and hands-on massage therapies.  You may meet Bec when your pet needs an acupuncture treatment, a dental check, or intravenous vitamin infusion, where her gentle, caring nature puts pets and their families equally at ease.

Bec holds a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing and has been vet nursing for over 2 decades. She has worked in various clinics on the coast and gained invaluable experience nursing in busy practices in the UK whilst travelling. She has always had the desire to use natural therapies to help animals, and in 2014 started studying TCM and Animal Acupuncture. We are blessed to have a Nurse with her knowledge, skills and dedication!

“My passions are TCM herbs, acupuncture, massage, food therapy, essential oils and animal behaviour. I enjoy empowering and educating owners to use natural remedies at home under the guidance of Vets.

“I share my home by the beach with my husband, our two children, and our pets – ‘Roxy’ the gentle Irish Wolfhound X Cattle Dog, ‘Toffee’ the Cavoodle, two guinea pigs and ‘Spike’ the Bearded Dragon. When not looking after the menagerie of animals either at work, or at home, I explore my other passions which include Yoga, Surfing, SUP, dancing and enjoying family adventures in the outdoors.”


The Natural Vets Sunshine Coast - AhyoOur Indian Soul Sister with a deep connection to horses and Mother Earth, Ahyo is our Saturday constant who thrives on having a few hours off from being a mama and being of service to people and their animals instead for a while. Prior to turning up for her shift on Saturdays she can be found at the farmers’ markets at sunrise, wearing beautiful turquoise jewellery and gathering baskets of organic fresh produce to feed her husband and two beautiful boys, and with a Fruitarian Father, Ahyo knows how to pick the best fruit!

“Respect for all living creatures is something I have always believed in. I have always had a love for animals, and horses have been a passion of mine for many years.  I have worked in many areas with animals but have never agreed with the way we have “cared for” or treated them.

“My family always insisted I become a Vet but at the time I didn’t really know what I wanted to be and didn’t agree with mainstream medicine.  I have always had an holistic approach to health and well-being, and for a few years now I’ve had my own small natural horsemanship business in which I love, care for and train horses in a gentle and compassionate way.  Animals have always been in my life, and a main priority, alongside my human family. You will usually find me with my own animals, or horses I am caring for when not with my children, or all of us together!

“At The Natural Vets I am able to care for animals in a way that aligns with my values. I feel so blessed to be part of a team that feel the same way about animals as I do.”

Ahyo is currently on maternity leave caring for her third bubba, and first baby girl!  Welcome to the world little Evie.

Please contact The Natural Vets today on (07) 5476 7674, or via our contact page, to discuss your pet’s needs with one of our holistic nurses.