Why seek holistic veterinary care?

We know pet families aren’t finding the information and veterinary care they need to keep their pets happy and well. We see the evidence every day.

We understand how frustrating it is watching your pet suffer.  It breaks our hearts too when we hear of pet families receiving devastating news about their pet’s health.

Problems that can’t be fixed.  Lifelong medication.  Or a life-threatening diagnosis, with nothing that can be done.

Thankfully our holistic approach helps many pet families overcome these challenges.  We know, because we’ve seen it work, time and time again.

If you are looking for trusted veterinary care that will support your pet to not only survive, but to thrive, you have found it!

What can you expect from a holistic veterinary consultation at The Natural Vets?

  1. Time.  We spend more time with you and your pet to get a clear picture of what is going on, why it has occurred, and how we can help.
    (This does mean our consultations cost more than your average vet. We believe it is worth it, and you will too when you see the results.)
  2. Trust. The time we take with you and your pet helps your pet relax and be more at ease. This makes for a low-stress veterinary experience, and builds your pet’s trust in us.
  3. Tracking Mission. We are seeking the root cause of disease in your pet, so together we can resolve that for long-lasting results.

How do we support your pet to not just survive, but thrive?

We develop a customised treatment plan for every pet we see.  We are not a conveyor-belt practice where you get a diagnosis, prescription and off you go.  We seek to identify the root cause of your pet’s disease and fix that so you don’t have to keep returning to the Vet for the same problem.

Sometimes it’s as simple as changing their diet. Or addressing lifestyle stress. Sometimes it’s more complicated.  Either way, we are committed to getting you the outcome you desire.  A healthy, happy pet for life!

Still not sure?

I get it. You don’t know us yet.  And you have always trusted your vet’s advice.

But let’s be real.  That advice is not getting you the results you are seeking.  If it was, you wouldn’t have landed here.

It’s time to take a different path.  One that will change the results.

And if you want to meet our team before you visit, explore our pages here for our vets and nurses.

How much does it cost?

Most conventional Vets charge between $68-99 for a standard consultation – which are often only 10-15 minutes long.

Very few diseases can be cured in this time frame, which means you end up going back again and again trying to sort out the same problem.

We prefer you learn how to get your pet well and keep them that way.  For this to happen, we need to spend more time with you and your pet. Initial appointments may take an hour, and the current initial visit fee as at October 2022 is $299*.

Additional costs can be expected for things like diagnostic tests, bodywork or acupuncture if needed, and for supportive medications.

Regular rechecks are then advised for optimal results, and the recommended recheck timeline will be specific to your pet’s circumstance.

Ultimately as your pet’s health improves you will have less vet charges!  Now that’s something to invest in!

*If you have a young, healthy animal less than 6 months of age, a recently acquired (less than 4 weeks) rescue pet, or a pet with only a minor health issue, a shorter consultation and reduced fee may be appropriate.  Call our team to discuss your pet’s circumstances.

Become part of our tribe!

Call (07) 5476 7674 or email hello@thenaturalvets.com.au to schedule an appointment and start your journey today.  Or you can book online here.

We require all previous Vet records prior to your pet’s first appointment.

Should I vaccinate my puppy

What to do on Consultation day:

Do not feed your pet the morning of the visit.

Do not bath your pet or clean their ears for at least 3 days prior.

When it comes time to visit the clinic, please ensure your pet is leashed (dogs) or caged (cats and other critters).  There may be other pets waiting to visit us at the clinic, and it is best if all pets are restrained to minimise the potential for problems or stressful interactions.  Once inside the consulting room your pet can roam free if they choose.

If coming with a dog allow them to sniff and explore outside the clinic before coming in.  This gives them a toilet opportunity and helps them to calm down and feel comfortable.

If you have questions about natural alternatives for chemical prevention (fleas, ticks, worms etc) and dietary questions, talk with our holistic veterinary nurses prior to seeing the vet to get the most value from your veterinary consultation.

Do you have Pet Insurance?

If you have pet insurance please bring your pre-filled claim forms with you to speed up the claim process.

We recommend all pet guardians consider pet insurance for their pets. It takes the worry out of vet bills. Both Bupa and Petplan offer insurance plans that include cover for alternative therapies, as well as accident, illness, wellness and dental cover depending on the level of plan you choose.  Note that any pre-existing health condition will likely be excluded.