We regularly immerse ourselves in charity work, striving to make a difference not only in the lives of every pet we see, but further afield in our community. Charities we officially support:

Detection Dogs for Conservation

Our chosen charity for 2020 is ‘Detection Dogs for Conservation’. Their dogs have been employed to find injured koalas after the bushfires.  To learn more about their work visit their website: Detection Dogs for Conservation

Detection Dogs Australian Bushfires Koalas

In 2020 Detection Dogs for Conservation will receive 100% of proceeds from our eBook sales:The Natural Vets Dog Cat Raw Feeding Diet Pet Food eBooks

Our eBooks are available for sale for $5 each from our online store:

Forest Glen Horse Rescue

Our chosen charity for 2019 was a local family operation just around the corner, Forest Glen Horse Rescue. This little non-profit with a giant heart rescues traumatised and neglected horses destined for ‘the doggers’, and rehabilitates them with love, compassion and dedicated care. They regularly have horses available for adoption, so keep an eye on their Facebook and Instagram pages to see what they are up to.

Forest Glen Horse Rescue Sunshine Coast Vet Charity 1

The Natural Vets donate medical supplies and vet consultation time to support their efforts. In 2019 Forest Glen Horse Rescue received 100% of proceeds from our eBook sales, which totalled $1,110.

Farm Animal Rescue

Farm Animal Rescue - Calf

In 2018 Farm Animal Rescue in Dayboro received $770, which was 100% of proceeds from our eBook sales.

Charity Farm Animal Rescue Donation from Sunshine Coast Vet Clinic

Farm Animal Rescue is located in the Pine Rivers district 45 minutes north of the Brisbane CBD. This sanctuary is a place of refuge for animals that have been freed from abusive situations and factory farms, each of which receives the best of life time care. The farm opens its gates periodically to visitors so that people can come to meet the residents and see how happy they are. For more information visit: https://www.farmanimalrescue.org.au/ to see the benefits.

Story Dogs

Story Dogs Sunshine Coast Charity Holistic Vet Clinic

Story Dogs is a wonderful program that gets dogs into schools assisting children with their reading progress.  We sponsor their program at North Arm State School where Ainslie and William visit lucky year 2 students each week.  Here is some information about Ainslie and William:

About: Ainslie is a Health Care Professional
Dog Sponsor: The Natural Vets
Dog breed: A mysterious mix of love and wonder
How we met: ‘William’ is my 6th dog, and first male. I purchased him from a farm when he was 6 weeks old
Great loves: Attention and being photographed
Favourite foods: Bones
Doesn’t Like: Being splashed and getting in trouble
Quirks: ‘William’ is a bit of dreamer


Dog Health Harmony Symposium - Brisbane


In our local community we are regularly involved in educational programs and seminars, with Dr Henry and Dr Renee presenting at the Health and Harmony Symposium in Brisbane, and regularly donate goods to Four Paws Animal Rescue.

Wildlife & Lost Pets

Koala Wild Life Carers Sunshine Coast

We also provide first aid and emergency care for injured wildlife and stray pets presented to our clinic, working to reunite lost pets back with their families as soon as possible.