At The Natural Vets we offer an unusual type of acupuncture called GOLD BEAD IMPLANTING.

Usually acupuncture is done using dry fine needles into the relevant points, and these needles will be left in for between 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on what effect we are after. There are other means of applying stimulation to the acupuncture points.

We will at times use electro-acupuncture. For this we will apply a very small electric current on the inserted dry needles and this may be done to help with muscle stimulation on a paralysed area.

Acupressure is another method we may use, where the point is stimulated using pressure with massage.

If an acupuncture effect is needed over a long time frame, we often recommend implanting gold beads. We place 3 very small beads into each point and these beads stay in the body forever. The beads set up a tiny electrical circuit which stimulates the points. So with this form of treatment we get an acupuncture effect 24 hours per day instead of the usual daily or once weekly treatments.

We mainly use these implanted beads for long term arthritis problems and we find that most dogs can then come off their pain medications. Other conditions we have treated successfully are convulsions in epileptic cases, and urinary incontinence cases.

Tasha German Shepherd Hip Arthritis Gold Bead

This is Tasha who is now over 6 years old. She was diagnosed with arthritis in both of her hips in January 2013 and since then she has had to be on strong pain relief and have regular physio to manage her life.

We implanted her with acupuncture gold beads in November 2015 and since then she has been able to move more freely in general and has no apparent problems living without the pain medications.

Her owners say that she now has no trouble getting in and out of their caravan on their travels, and has more energy than she had before. Even the physio says she has improved a lot since the implantation.