PoppyRose is a young female Burmese cat who didn’t take nicely to the arrival of a new Burmese kitten companion, MickyJoe.  She regularly ‘unleashed her fury’ on him, making introductions so difficult and strained that the family had to place barriers all around the house and keep the two separated at all times fearful for the kitten’s, and their own, safety.  They had received a few vicious attacks themselves, and described PoppyRose as schizophrenic, unpredictable, and having a taste for blood.

After one particularly vicious attack at Mickey through a glass door, PoppyRose broke the tip off her canine tooth.  After a few email and telephone consultations, the pet parents scheduled a dental procedure in order to have the tooth assessed and likely extracted.  What we found in PoppyRose’s mouth surprised us all.

Not only did PoppyRose have a fracture off the tip of her canine tooth exposing the sensitive pulp, she also had serious disease affecting a number of other teeth below the gum line that wasn’t visible to the naked eye.  This was only detected with careful probing around every tooth while under anaesthetic, and full-mouth dental x-rays.  The disease affecting her teeth was associated with sensitive nerve exposure and would have been causing a very significant degree of pain.

PoppyRose had not shown any changes in appetite or any other symptoms suggesting dental disease was present.

We had to extract 10 teeth that day, and since then PoppyRose’s behaviour has changed drastically.  She is now a happy, spirited cat, who has accepted the young feline companion so much that all the barriers around the house could be taken down.  She is affectionate and loving again, and her family is so pleased to have discovered the cause of her discomfort.  With the correct diagnosis and care, PoppyRose is no longer full of fury, because we were able to remove the cause of her chronic pain!

PoppyRose’s story, as told by her family

PoppyRose is the poster girl for the importance of a thorough dental examination, including dental x-rays, in diagnosing hidden disease in your pet’s mouth. We would like to share her family’s story, in their words.

Cat Dental Vet Procedure Sunshine Coast Teeth

“PoppyRose was a grumpy girl! Our magnificent Brown Burmese lady PoppyRose had lost her companion Ticky, a wonderful Blue Burmese gentleman of 18 years to complications from diabetes.

Cat Dental Vet Procedure Sunshine Coast Cuddly Cats
PoppyRose & Ticky

“She seemed lost and increasingly nervous of things over the months after he passed. The decision to bring home a friend was made and we believed it would be the start of a loving, lifelong friendship. Enter MickyJoe, the sweetest baby Burmese boy on the planet.

Cat Dental Vet Procedure Sunshine Coast Burmese boy kitten

“Confidence of her acceptance was high as she was in fact his auntie by bloodline. The time for introduction arrived and to our horror, PoppyRose leapt at him with teeth and claws bared while he was in my arms. Those bloodied arms needed antibiotics more than once in the year that followed.

Cat Dental Vet Procedure Sunshine Coast Grumpy Cat
PoppyRose staring down MickeyJoe

“Such was her venomous intolerance of the new boy that we had to divide our household to keep them separated and allow them access to the yard in alternating shifts.

Cat Dental Vet Procedure Sunshine Coast Broken Tooth
PoppyRose with broken tooth

“Animal psychologists, hormonal sprays, even a course of Prozac did nothing to reduce her hatred. One incident where she tried attacking him through a glass door resulted in a broken canine and a split lip. We had also observed that her feeding routine had become erratic and her breath increasingly foul.

Pet Dental Check Time with The Natural Vets!

“Dr Renee made thorough investigations into the best course of repair for the obvious damage. Through dental x-rays and examination under anaesthetic, a condition known as Feline Tooth Resorption was identified and PoppyRose had several teeth removed. The disease was not obvious to the eye and had been developing for quite some time causing significant pain and distress.

Cat Dental Vet Procedure Sunshine Coast
PoppyRose after her dental

“The change in her demeanor was heartening. Her appetite was restored and the tension in her attitude to MickyJoe diminished. About a month had passed when we took a leap of faith and removed the barriers. MJ was a year old now and pretty quick on his feet so the danger level was acceptable. It wasn’t love but the interaction between them became more about authority rather than elimination of the intruder.

Cat Dental Vet Procedure Sunshine Coast Friendly Cats
PoppyRose & MickeyJoe hanging out!

“That was April, now in September they sometimes “hang out” together, touch noses, eat from the same bowl occasionally and even have a bit of a game if the mood takes them. I’m betting on them sharing a bed and snuggling up together by next winter.

Sunshine Coast Vet Pet Dental Teeth Tooth

“The lesson in the tail (sic) – you never really know what’s happening with your pet’s health without the help of expert veterinary practitioners. Cats in particular are stoic creatures and will disguise problems from their owners. Dr Renee identified and cured a serious pathological problem that was causing distress to our girl, threatening the life of her nephew and making our household miserable. Beyond that, her advice regarding a natural diet, oral hygiene and a programme of regular health checks for our fur kids has enabled the harmony we originally envisaged to enter our home.

“Thank you Dr Renee and all the amazing team at The Natural Vets.”

2018 Update

We are pleased to provide an update that PoppyRose and MickyJoe now regularly hang out together, snuggling and grooming each other – we even have the photo’s to prove it!

Cat Dental Tooth Extraction Sunshine Coast 2

The owners never expected to see this!

Cat Dental Tooth Extraction Sunshine Coast 3

Dr Renee is our passionate Veterinary Dentist and would love the opportunity to return your pet’s mouth to a state of comfort and health.  We offer free dental checks with our trained Veterinary Nurses, so visit us soon with your pet, to find out what needs to be done to make their smile a happy and healthy one!